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Answers to the Smartest-2%-Puzzle

Two days ago I posted a logic puzzle can 'supposedly' be solved by only 2% of the population. I say 'supposedly' because I'm always suspicious of … Read More >>>


Are You Among The Smartest 2%?

There is a very famous logic puzzle that has been around since at least 1962. There are several names for this puzzle including the "zebra puzzle" or … Read More >>>


Why Improving Air Quality at Home Really Does Matter

Our health and quality of life largely depend on our surroundings. Something that’s all around yet completely invisible could have the biggest impact. … Read More >>>


If You Detest (Censored) Robo Calls, Here’s A Possible Answer!

We've been getting a lot - A LOT - of freaking, disgusting, horrible ROBO CALLS on both our home and business lines. The scumbags who invade our … Read More >>>


A Joyous Labor Day 2016

If you're in the United States you already know that today is our annual Labor Day holiday. All schools and many government offices are closed and … Read More >>>