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Vegetarian Chili Recipe From CALORIE HELL!

I was just reading a supposed diet/weight loss article from Woman's World magazine that recommends vegetarian chili for weight loss. OK, pay attention … Read More >>>

mark twain

Get Rid of Your Wart at Midnight in a Graveyard

If you have warts, you already know that the damn things are unsightly - to say the least. Naturally, we want to get rid of them and history has … Read More >>>

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Who Is The Murderer?

I've been feeling the need for some intellectual stimulation lately and so I've dragged out some of my many puzzle books to stir up the neurons. … Read More >>>

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Truly Striking Wildflower Cross Stitch Pattern

Check out this truly striking wildflower cross stitch pattern. It's one of our original oil paintings and we're really proud of it. With the … Read More >>>

rikon band saw

My Friend Wouldn’t Have Cut Off His Thumb With The Rikon 10-325 14 Inch Deluxe Band Saw

One night several years ago, I was working with church members on a barbecue. Our group was irritated when our leader didn't show up for all the work … Read More >>>