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Halloween Treats Day 31: Perfect Halloween Pumpkin Carving

If there is ever a "perfect", classic Halloween pumpkin carving, this is it. This isn't just a great Halloween cross stitch pattern - it's also a … Read More >>>

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Halloween Treats Day 30: Not Your Typical Halloween Witch

The typical Halloween witch is old, ugly, evil and often has a giant nose with a wart on it. But folklore and countless stories tell us that not all … Read More >>>

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Halloween Treats Day 29: Watercolor Pumpkin Glares At Us!

This watercolor pumpkin, all carved for Halloween, could have been charming with its brushstrokes of pale color. Instead, he's threatening and leering … Read More >>>

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Halloween Treats Day 28: Everything A Witch Needs

If you like witches, and I certainly do, you will love this simple Halloween cross stitch pattern of some of a witch's best friends.┬áThere's even a … Read More >>>

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Halloween Treats Day 27: Terrifying Creature Claws Against The Moon

This isn't a friendly and light-hearted Halloween cross stitch pattern.┬áThe sight of this clawed ... something ... against the moon is enough to give … Read More >>>