Gorgeous Golden Digital Papers NEW on BlissPlan

We absolutely LOVE making digital papers for our BlissPlan shop and this gold-on-gold digital paper pack is our favorite one yet! (Although, who is to say that tomorrow we may love a different one even more :-)

This project happened because we were in need to some gold papers for other projects and couldn’t find any that we really liked. So, we created our own with foils and glitter. You can see how shiny they are and we love that about them.

Size: 12″ x 12″
Resolution: 300 dpi which is needed for professional printing results
Format: jpg images

There are a bazillion digital uses for these babies – we’re working on a matching alphabet right now.

And what do you think about our little owl? She has become our +10 Designs mascot and we have versions of her facing in both directions. Creating all these goodies is so darned much fun – exactly the way life is supposed to be! So check out our fantabulous gold digital paper pack – unless you don’t like gold, of course? But who doesn’t???

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