New Steampunk Print With A Blue Hot Air Balloon

We just published a new steampunk print and several sold right away. Of course, this camera shot is at an angle and the real print is “straight on” and not crooked.

There are so many delightful elements in this print. We love the torn paper at the bottom, held on by screws. Then, of course there are the gears, the cycle, the map and the balloon itself with its basket, its green whatever-it-is attached to the side or the mysterious pieces between the balloon and the basket. Best of all is the adventurous spirit of the two riders in the basket. It takes a lot of courage to fly through the sky heading for the unknown.

This is an 8″ x 10″ glossy steampunk print made with archival ink that will last for many generations. If you like steampunk art like we do, check out the many prints available in our shop, all created by our professional graphic artist.

We invite you to visit the BlissPlan Shop.

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