The Hungry JPEG: Delicious Goodies At Often Startlingly Low Prices

I recently discovered TheHungryJPEG site and have fallen in love! I’m on there every day and if you wonder why, take a look at their latest bundle which offers an astonishing 83 fonts and 1000+ graphics for the mere price of only $29. I’ve bought lots of goodies in the last few weeks and here are some of the projects I’ve done with them.

#1: We took my seven year old granddaughter to a llama farm and ever since then she has been absolutely obsessed with llamas. So see that adorable llama in the upper left hand corner of the page? I bought a watercolor collection of llamas and I just love his look because he looks so absolutely pleased with himself! So I took that fine fellow and made a cross stitch pattern of him and I’m currently stitching it for my granddaughter. You can see his head here. ==>

The price for our proud llama: $1

#2: I love making alphabets and am always looking for mockups to display my letters. Here is a very nice mockup of a tote bag artistically placed on a chair. My black letters with the red polka dots look wonderful when contrasted with the light-colored chair and the cream colored tote bag.

The price for the mockup: $1

#3: I love autumn so much and I couldn’t resist this “autumn alphabet” with the letters made of fall plant material. Since I sell graphics I plan to use the letters later in the year for various products but now isn’t the best time of year for autumn art. Just to show you how absolutely wonderful these letters are I wrote out “Blissplan”. Doesn’t it look great? Can’t you just feel the cool breezes, hear the witches flying over and the corn rustling in the fields?

The price for this wonderful autumn alphabet: $1

If you’re unaccustomed to using graphics here are some ideas that might help you to make wise choices:

* If there is any chance that you will physically print your project some time in the future, look for images that are “300 dpi”. This is the minimum resolution for professional printing results.
* You might consider “PNG” images since they are on a transparent background and therefore you can place them on other images and they will blend in everywhere. For example, imagine the letter “R” above on an aqua background. It wouldn’t look as though it actually belongs on the tote bag but would look much more amateurish.
* The larger the image, the better. You can always reduce the size of an image without loss of quality but increasing the size while retaining clarity is much more difficult, and often impossible.

Fortunately, the images I’ve inspected on The HungryJPEG all meet these criteria.

Obviously all the graphics on the site aren’t a mere $1 but they are all reasonably priced and perfect for a myriad of projects, webpages, blogs and more. If you like graphics, don’t miss TheHungryJPEG. I like it so much that I’m going to apply to be a seller sometime this month and I can only hope I’m accepted. It’s a fascinating place. 

We invite you to visit the BlissPlan Shop.

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