Amazing Literary Luncheons and Flower Bookmarks

We recently opened an Etsy shop and one of the items we’re selling are 76 printable flower bookmarks, two of which are pictured on the left. A lovely lady named Susan bought them for her luncheon series titled “Floral Oracles: the Language of Flowers in Literature and Art”. I was so fascinated I wanted to know more and here’s what she told us.

2018: “This year my guests choose a luncheon from 5 different ones on offer, linking specific literature and art; for example Graeco-Roman Floral Myths about the human psyche (eg Narcissus, Clytie, Hyacinthus) and the Pre Raphaelite paintings of these myths (eg Millais’ Narcissus).”

“The menu is all floral – teas, food, exquisite and rare floral liqueurs, etc. Below a picture of Vietnamese floral prawn ricepaper rolls, made with edible begonia flowers. I spend months in preparation – recipes, decorations, fun activities for guests to engage in.”

Here is a picture of Susan’s ricepaper rolls and I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t eat these – they are food art!

2017 parties were under the theme “Delicious Fictitious Dishes”, where the menus came from famous food scenes from great literature, which we read and studied together. The recipes were authentic to the time and recipes in the texts.”

“This picture shows poet Emily Dickinson’s own shortbread recipe, with fondant illustrations from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (from Traditional Classics party).”

2016 parties were under the theme of The Willow Pattern Plate in literary novels.”

“This picture shows the decorated party table, with Chinese gingerbread biscuits with willow fondant icing, and white chocolate and blueberry cupcakes, with four different willow patterned plate designs.”

Notice the decorated cookies. I can tell you that it takes a lot of skill and an enormous amount of time to decorate cookies in such a beautiful way. Obviously Susan pays a lot of attention to details, such as the card holders at each place and the butterfly on the chair. And this line “exquisite and rare floral liqueurs” definitely grabbed my attention. Sigh. I wish I could attend one of her luncheons. What beautiful and special occasions. 

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