Garden Trellis Designs In Your Yard

A neighbor has recently had their entire yard redone by a landscaping company. I’ve really enjoyed watching the evolving of a whole new outdoor ‘home’ and one of my favorite of their ideas is the creative use of garden trellises. They are rust-proof because they’re made of a composite something-or-other and they’ve used both green and white ones. So if this sounds like a good idea to you, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Climbing vines – If you like plants and flowers which climb, these are ideal to use with garden trellis. You can simply attach your trellis to the wall of your home for instance, then plant morning glories or clematis vines at the base of the trellis. Soon you’ll have flowering vines climbing up the side of your home.

There are of course many types of flowering vines to choose from, so select those you particularly like and those which are suited for the sun and soil conditions where you plan to place your wall trellis. Depending on the types of vines you plant, you may need to use a bit of string or twine to tie the vines to the trellis as they’re growing, so they can learn to climb it properly. Sometimes all you need to do is wrap the around the trellis though, instead of tying it in place.

Not only will this make the exterior of your home more lush and beautiful, but you’ll also discover it helps to insulate your home from the summer heat too. If you prefer not to have vines climbing a wall of your home however, you can instead attach your trellis to a carport and plant the vines there. This will serve to partially enclose an open carport, and as the vines grow they will provide additional shade and coolness for your vehicles.

2. Privacy fencing – garden trellis can also be used to help make your front or back yard area more private too. Alternatively, it can be used to create a private garden space, and to enclose a gazebo or patio area as well.

There is a specific type of garden trellis which is designed for creating more privacy too, and it simply has smaller holes between the wooden slats. This privacy trellis is quite useful for beautifying and shading specific areas of your yard and garden, even if you don’t want vines or plants climbing the trellis.

3. Enhance your container gardens – Another thing, garden trellis designs specifically useful for container gardens. If for instance, you have a nice large container garden sitting on the front porch or patio that seems to be missing some final finishing touch, you can add that extra something by simply attaching a piece of garden trellis to it. The trellis piece can be as tall or short as you’d like of course, to fit with the particular look and design you’d like.

And of course if you’re growing something that needs a bit of support – such as tomato plants or flowering vines – the trellis will become a functional part of your container garden too.

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