Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017. The first national Thanksgiving observance in the USA was on November 26, 1789 as proclaimed by General and then President George Washington.

Many (most?) of us view Thanksgiving as just a day off from work, a day to eat too much and watch football games. But it’s much more than that. As our wonderful, delicious quote above says, it’s the “gateway drug to a life most extraordinary”. Those of us who practice the law of attraction don’t need convincing that gratitude is the quickest way to raise our vibration and change our life. If you need persuading, check out our review of Pam Grout’s Thank and Grow Rich or read Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic. Rhonda, as you most likely know, is the creator of the amazing The Secret movie and book. which has over 7000 reviews (at the time of this writing)

And the easiest and most efficient way to change your vibration to gratitude and appreciation, and thus live the principles of The Secret, is visually – to constantly see beautiful quotes and inspirational ideas sitting in front of you. So check out our gorgeous gratitude quotes and inspire your beautiful mind.

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