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The First Day of Summer
Categories: Fun Time

Summer is officially here! It happened on June 21 and I have to say that I’m NOT happy about it! I don’t like hot and humid weather and, yes, I recognize the irony of living in Atlanta, Georgia and disliking the heat.  But I found the PERFECT video to express my displeasure over the steamy […]

Gratitude & Law of Attraction Quote: Fear and Misfortune
Categories: ART

If you’ve ever been afraid (ha, ha) you already know how hard it is to let go of your fear. But what if it’s actually very simple? Of course, we’re not talking about a lion chasing you across the savannah because that’s a short term and totally sane fear. The kind of fear we mean […]

Preventing Running Injuries Over Age 40 If You’ve Had A Previous Injury
Categories: Health

If you’re over 40, it’s never too late to begin a good exercise routine. Running is always popular and gives you the freedom that you need to achieve your active fitness goals. One thing to always keep in mind is avoiding injury while you are running. There are several conditions that can make you more […]

A Full Grown Deer Living In Your House? Really?
Categories: Mixed Bag

This is a heart-warming video about a blind deer named Dillie who was adopted by a wonderful human family. Dillie is now famous – millions of people have seen her and she’s been on National Geographic and even had a book written about her. Dillie could have had a short and brutal life, blind with cataracts […]

3 Little Known Flower Cures
Categories: Health

I am 100% positive that Mother Nature has provided us the remedies for any and every health issue we may ever have. Of course, we don’t know all of them, but here are three that are well known indeed. Fight Insomnia with Lavender A room scented with lavender helps folks sleep  better. To try it, […]

5 Reasons To Avoid Promise-Them-Everything Fad Diets
Categories: Health, Weight Loss

Fad diets are so incredibly tempting, aren’t they? Just follow these simple steps and poof! Magically, you’ve dropped weight and look fabulous! Unfortunately, the results are always temporary. In fact, much of the “weight” you lose on fad diets is water weight, NOT FAT. If you’re still not convinced that fad diets are ineffective at […]

Is Organic Food Worth The Extra Cost?
Categories: Health

There’s simply no doubt that organic food costs more than highly processed ones. This seems counter-intuitive because, after all, the farmer doesn’t have to spend money on chemical fertilizers and pesticides so it seems that food can be grown more cheaply, rather than costing more. But there are other factors that run up the cost. […]

11 Ways To Stop Mindless Night Time Eating
Categories: Health

We all know that eating lots of food right before bedtime is a Really Bad Idea! But just knowing that intellectually doesn’t necessarily stop us from doing it. There’s a huge difference between knowing what to do – and actually following through. So here are 11 ways to start moving away from the rut of mindless […]

The Frightening Dangers of Synthetic Drugs
Categories: Health

For centuries, mankind has used drugs that grow freely in nature. By contrast, synthetic drugs, like methamphetamine (meth), Ecstasy (MDMA) and LSD (acid) are non-organic, chemical compounds produced in a lab. And there is a newer wave of synthetics that are extremely popular. These are chemicals that mimic marijuana (with such names as “K2” or […]

7 Natural Remedies for Adult Acne
Categories: Beauty, Mixed Bag

Here are seven natural remedies for acne. However, I’m not making the mistake of thinking that you’re a teenager. Possibly you are but the truth is that acne affects people of all ages, even though teenagers suffer for it more than us older folks. So before you go racing out and spend a fortune at […]

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