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My Homemade DIY Weed Killer Experiment
March 26, 2017 .:. Categories: At Home

If you look around the Internet you will find all kinds of recipes for DIY weed killers that don’t contain any hideous chemicals. The problem is that nobody ever provides any feedback on any of these concoctions so we don’t truly know if they’re any good. BlissPlan to the rescue! We made one and will […]

EFT Proof: Subjective Evidence That EFT Is Quite Powerful
March 25, 2017 .:. Categories: Self Help

I am a fanatical EFT’er, if you’ll forgive the made up word. If you don’t know what EFT, AKA ‘tapping‘, is, it’s a very popular and very powerful way to change ourselves and our lives. It’s not only powerful, it’s simple and easy to do and who doesn’t love easy? There are directions everywhere and […]

Choosing A Crib Quilt
March 17, 2017 .:. Categories: Kids

I recently bought a crib quilt as a gift for a baby shower. Nobody could be more concerned about child safety than I am but I think some of the ideas today are a bit … unhinged. There are dire warnings from some “experts” about crib quilts because they might cause SIDS. Really? Are you […]

Is (S)he Having A Stroke? Should I Call 911?
March 14, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

I’ve never been around someone who’s having a stroke but it must be a terrifying experience for both the one with the problem and those around her or him! “Should I call 911” has to be a terrifying question? Much research has been done on this subject and fortunately, there are now three questions we […]

How To Reduce Or Eliminate Wrinkles
March 14, 2017 .:. Categories: Beauty

Beauty may be more than skin deep, but it sure is nice to beautiful skin anyway. Unfortunately, you may be dealing with common skin issues like wrinkles, sun damage, and stretch marks that make you a little self-conscious when you’re out on a date. One effective way of taking care of your skin better is […]

Gorgeous Zebra on a Purple Grunge Background
March 12, 2017 .:. Categories: ART

We absolutely love this gorgeous zebra on a purple grunge background. If you take a look at his body, you will see plants, water droplets and a variety of colors. We left many of his stripes and the area around his mane and the top of his head is a dark watercolor. The purple background looks […]

Choosing New Faucets For Your Bathroom
March 12, 2017 .:. Categories: At Home

We recently replaced our bathroom faucets and the thing I wanted the most was that they were ‘high’ – that is, they arched upwards and gave as much space as possible below the faucet. So we chose the bath faucets on the left. Choosing these little darlings is important and there are more factors to consider […]

DIY Tooth ‘Soap’ or Toothpaste
March 3, 2017 .:. Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

I’ve been informed that I have gingivitis and the remedy, according to the dentist, is a “deep cleaning”. It’s uncomfortable and horribly expensive and I’ve been doing lots of research for natural alternatives. One of the first things I’ve done is create my own toothpaste, which I should have done a long time ago. The list […]

End Constipation, Lose Weight & Clean Yourself Out With Only 2 Ingredients?
March 1, 2017 .:. Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

My son read about a way to clean himself out and is trying an experiment. It’s simple and inexpensive and we will be updating his results. Only 2 Ingredients There are only two ingredients needed: organic kefir and flax seeds. 1. The kefir: organic is highly recommended. I found a brand called B’More Organic and […]

Amoxicillin Has Made Me Very Sick!!!
February 27, 2017 .:. Categories: Health

This week I made a singular lapse in judgment! I had some oral surgery and the dentist prescribed two prescriptions: a suped-up Ibuprofen for pain and Amoxicillin, 500 mg, as an antibiotic. Without really considering it, I followed the directions and, as a result, have been feeling DREADFUL.   The surgery was on Thursday and […]

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