Best Butt Exercises: 4 Superb Butt Lift Exercises

Best Butt Exercises: 4 Superb Butt Lift Exercises

Does the thought of looking at yourself from the rear make you feel faint? You’re definitely not alone! But there is good news: the best butt exercises can (reasonably) quickly tone up your rear along with your entire hip and thigh area so that you are certain to wind up looking sexy and firm from all angles!

The secret lies in in working your all of your muscles. Lots of people don’t even realize that they have muscles in their butts. But that is where the common term ‘glutes’ comes from. The two essential butt muscles are called:

1. The gluteus maximus
2. The gluteus medius

In 2005 a study was undertaken by the American Council for Exercise (ACE) in collaboration with researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. They used EMG (electromyograph) analysis of eight common butt toning exercises to measure the results that accrue from exercizing and toning the two kinds of gluteus muscles.

Their primary goal was to compare other exercises to the squat, which is the most famous and best-known exercise for toning the butt. They wanted to find out if other exercises might be substituted for the famous squat without loss of muscle tone.

They discovered that four upper butt exercises were equally efficient as the squat. So if you are bored with endless squats, you can choose to expand your workout. Here are the four most powerful butt lift exercises from the afore-mentioned study.

A Powerful Thigh & Butt Exercise: The Quadruped Hip Extension

Start on your knees and hands.

Lift one leg, keeping your knee bent.

Lift until your thigh is in a direct line with your body and the underside of your foot is facing the ceiling.

Repeat about 10 times with the same leg, then switch legs.


+ Keep your abs slightly contracted through the exercise to stabilize your back.
+ You can relax between exercises.

The ‘Step Up’ Exercise For The Butt

You will need weights for this powerful exercise so grab a weight or dumbbell in each hand.

Stand close to a tall step or sturdy box that is positioned in front of you – you need something about 15 inches high.

Position your left foot up on the step, transfer your weight onto your left foot and using only your left leg, lift yourself on top of the step.

To make the exercise more powerful, be sure that you step up without your alternate (lower) foot to push yourself up.

Do that same side 10 times, then switch to your other leg.

NOTE: it’s important that you use your leg to lift your body and nothing else.

The Lunge – A Thigh & Butt Exercise

For this exercise, keep the weights you just used, but move away from the step or box.

From a standing position, step forward with your right foot. Be sure to k Keep your back and head straight.

Next, bend your knees so that your left knee drops toward the floor.

Be sure to keep the heel of your forward foot securely on the floor and your right knee directly over your front foot.

Push towards the floor with your right heel to bring yourself back up to a standing position.

Alternate your legs until you have done 10 repetitions with each leg.

NOTE: Remember to keep your back as straight as you possibly can throughout the exercise.

The Four-Way Hip Extension Exercise For The Butt

This one requires a fantastic machine so you will need a gym membership. Ask an instructor to show you how to do the four-way hip extension.

Again, you should repeat 10 times with each leg.

If you aren’t a member of a gym, you can still get great results by also adding the other three exercises in your workout along with the traditional squat. Keep in mind that the ACE study discovered they’re all pretty much equally effective.

Our butts have suffered badly in recent decades. It’s not only because we weight more than our parents and grandparents. The development of sedentary jobs, plus the lure of TV and the Internet, has a large effect on our fitness. The reality is that more people are spending a longer period sitting on their butts than they ever did 50 or 100 years previously. As a result, nearly all us hate the way we look from behind. Learn to love your rear by toning it up with these best butt exercises for a firm rear end!

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  1. I dont know why but it says that my comment has been deleted, before it even had a chance to be approved… So I will post it again! I’ve always said I will do these things like squats but I never end up doing it! You really need motivation! But these things seem not too bad, so I will try them out! I do think you should do some without weights being needed though, as not everyone has weights:)

  2. Anna, I don’t know why your comment was deleted? I am the only person who answers comments since I don’t want others to do it – so my apologies.

    I know what you mean about promising myself that I’ll follow through on exercises – and then not doing them? We know WHAT to do – the problem is getting ourselves to do it.

  3. Not many people mention the quadruped hip extension, although it is definitely a great exercise. Nice tips!

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