Body Scrubs? What???

If you pay attention to health and beauty sites, you will find lots of references to “scrubs” for your skin. What in the world are they talking about?

The point of a body scrub is to remove dead skin from the surface. The dead skin cells keep the new skin from shining through. The new skin is more beautiful and healthier. Without being able to let the air get to it, it won’t be able to show off its healthy glow. Obviously the dead skin keeps the beauty of the new skin covered as well, so it is always a good idea to get the dead skin off.

The rougher the body scrub is, the easier it is to get the dead skin off. Of course on the other hand it might be itchy and uncomfortable to use. It is up to you to find a body scrub that works for your skin type. You want one that will clean off the surface of the skin from dead skin and other debris, but you want it soft enough that it won’t damage the fresh skin underneath.

Most supermarkets will have all the choices of body scrubs you will need, you won’t usually need to shop at a special store or even online unless you are looking for something special. If you are looking for organic body scrubs you may have to find them online.

Most organic body scrubs are of a liquid form. They have tiny little rough spots in them that help to clean off the skin. These are nice because the soap is combined in them and you don’t have to use any sponges with them. Many have moisturizers in them as well that help to keep the skin looking healthy longer.

When it comes to skin care another thing you must do is use sun lotion with an SPF. It might not seem important but it will prevent you from getting skin cancers and your skin won’t age as quickly meaning you will have beautiful skin for even longer. You might be able to find a liquid body scrub that has SPF in it, but most will not, just remember whatever you use, add sun lotion and moisturizer to it.

It is important to also mention you don’t need to use a body scrub every day. For most people using it once or twice a week will be enough to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Any more often and you will be scrubbing off healthy skin that can then cause damage to your skin. After a while you will be able to tell when you need to use the scrub, but to start with twice a week is a good routine. Just be sure to look at your local supermarket and you will find all the body scrubs you need.

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