Dry Skin Brushing Gets A Thumbs Up

A month or so ago I bought a dry skin brush and decided to experiment with the dry skin brushing phenomenon. The important word here is “dry” – you don’t brush in the shower with a wet brush. Instead, you brush your dry skin and there are lots of reasons to try it.

What’s So Great About Skin Brushing?

First, it’s great for your skin. It removes dead skin cells so that our skin can ‘breathe’ which also increases circulation to the skin. So your skin will look better, be smoother and healthier. That’s a beauty thing, of course.

But brushing also gets rids of toxins on the skin and helps eliminate metabolic wastes. After all, our skin is our largest organ of elimination and everything we can do to help it along is a huge positive.

The most important reason, to me, is that it helps move the lymph system. The lymph system is a major detox system but, unlike the blood system, has no way of moving on its own. Dry skin brushing helps with that and is certain to improve our health over time.

But here’s why I’m now addicted to it: DRY SKIN BRUSHING FEELS GREAT! I look forward to doing it and I feel both energized and relaxed, contradictory as that sounds.

How To Brush Your Skin

Start at your feet, including your soles, then move on to your hands and arms, then your body.

Brush in long strokes and always towards your heart, although I admit that’s a bit “iffy” on your back since we can’t reach it all that well.

Brush firmly but don’t hurt yourself.

VERY Important!

Make certain that your brush has NATURAL bristles, and not man-made ones. Lots of synthetics, like nylon, actually make tiny cuts in your skin which is the last thing we want to do. They’re not expensive. My long-handled, all natural bristle brush was only $3.99 at Publix.


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