4 Natural Remedies For Thicker Hair

Natural remedies for thicker hair aren’t as quick and dramatic as dropping by a hair replacement clinic one afternoon, but in the long run you’ll be better off if you at least try growing hair the natural way first. As we age, most people lose some of their hair but the good news is we can either slow the process of thinning hair, prevent it from happening or [sometimes] even make hair grow faster.

Yes, hair restoration with replacements and transplants is quick, but there are problems.

1. Let’s not kid ourselves – hair transplants are expensive. Very expensive.

2. A hair transplant does not stop the hair loss that caused the problem in the first place. Men, for example, most often start losing hair at the ground of their head. They will have a small bald patch that is like that of a monk in medieval Europe. If a man has a transplant in this area, it is very likely that his hair will continue to fall out and a bald space will grow around the new transplant. This will result in a frequent need for more and more transplants to cover up the newly bald area. If the guy in question wants to make his hair grow, this definitely is NOT the way.

3. Hair re-growth is dramatic with a transplant. You may leave the office one Friday and come back on Monday with a hugely different head of hair — and everyone will definitely notice. You may not mind being the subject of office gossip but in many will not want to be in that position. Your office workers might also think that you have a new wig or hairpiece.

Hair Loss Treatment With Massage

Massaging your scalp feels wonderful [especially if someone else is doing it!] But it can also stimulate hair growth and is a superb hair loss treatment. It’s very simple to do — simply massage your scalp for approximately 5 minutes each day. Just make sure you don’t scratch yourself with your fingernails. Ouch!

To increase the potency of your massage, use jojoba oil. This wonderful oil is loaded with minerals and contains vitamins B and E. These minerals and vitamins nourish your scalp and are especially effective when there are scalp problems such as dandruff or eczema.

How to grow hair with Chinese massage: Chinese massage is exceptionally effective. Rather than rubbing the scalp in a traditional massage fashion, the Chinese method calls for tapping. Use the tips of your fingers on both hands and start at the back of your skull. Slowly moving upwards, tap every inch of your skull 20 times. It is said, that Chinese massage it will be even more effective if you work your way back down — meaning every part of your skull is tapped twice.

Minerals And Vitamins For Hair Growth

Our hair cannot be thick and lustrous without sound nutrition that includes an ample supply of vitamins and minerals. Sadly, most of us eat a pretty crappy diet! We are not getting the nutrition that we need for hair growth. Increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables — especially leafy green vegetables — will do a lot to prevent thinning hair.

Here are some especially important hair growth vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin A
All B vitamins, especially B6 and B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Essential fatty acids

Naturally, the best hair growth vitamin comes from eating the proper food. But if you cannot — or will not — focus on a healthy diet, at least take supplements. There are many high quality supplements available today [avoid the cheapo stuff from places like Wal-Mart]. For hair growth, pay special attention to red and orange produce like red peppers, carrots or pumpkin, and green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce.

Zinc is especially important for men because it is needed by the prostate. Fortunately, zinc is wonderful for the hair.

Herbal Remedies & Hair Restoration

Herbal remedies are an important tool in hair restoration. A good herbal remedy will disinfect the scalp, increase circulation, and stimulate hair growth. Many remedies are uniquely helpful for the hair. An example is silica which is needed for strong hair and nails.

Many men use Saw Palmetto to enhance the health of their prostate and Saw Palmetto also helps with male pattern baldness. Note, however, that it is important not to take too much.

Make Hair Grow Faster By Reducing Stress

There is not the slightest doubt that stress is damaging to all of us. Actually, it is damaging in every possible way — and especially to hair regrowth. Therefore, it becomes a number one priority in everyone’s life to find ways to cycle down and relax. Some of the most effective ways to reduce stress are:

1. Meditation: it’s almost amusing that so many people insist, "I simply can’t meditate". Those are the very people who need it the most. We aren’t going to discuss meditation here — there will be many more entries on this critical subject — but losing hair because of stress is unnecessary and foolish.

2. Exercise: much work has been done on the relationship between exercise and stress. Research is overwhelming that exercise reduces stress more effectively than medication. In addition, the increased circulation to every part of your body will result in a healthier scalp and therefore more hair.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT]: this remarkably simple technique will reduce stress in almost every one and cannot be praised too much. It is truly remarkable. And anyone who says, "I just can’t help being stressed, worried, and anxious" and doesn’t check out the Emotional Freedom Technique is simply kidding themselves. If growing hair and retaining your sanity is important to you, then check out EFT.

These natural remedies for thicker hair will work best if used in combination. Therefore, do not use just one but use all of them – and have patience. Your thinning hair may become a problem of the past. If it doesn’t, and you are really bothered by the condition of your hair, you can always have a transplant – but why not try natural remedies first?

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  1. gr8 advice..should treat naturally first as whatever you have mentioned will surely achieve long term results…

  2. This EFT sounds intriguing. Wanna check it out!

  3. Breaking hair is a major problem for me, especially when winter is near. Your ideas to get thick hair sounds to be very simple and easy to follow. I had tried many methods to cure my hair and I will try your too. I will write you back if there are any results.

  4. A thick hair is an asset thus thin hair must be avoided. This can be done by cutting off the damaged hair, conditioning it, using organic shampoo, massaging the scalp, getting hydrated and consuming protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

  5. It would not be easy to control hair fall when a person starts aging. If you are interested in following the process of hair restoration, then you must try using herbal products that has minimal side effects and acts very quickly.

  6. This is spectacular, thank you

  7. Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT]: this remarkably simple technique will reduce stress in almost every one and cannot be praised too much. It is truly remarkable.

  8. Great post! Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Some of the causes of thinning hair are excessive physical or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, use of wrong hair care products, poor hair care routine, hereditary, pollution and so on. If you are suffering from thin hair line there is no need to spend money on expensive treatments and products as there are many natural ways to improve hair thickness. These natural remedies will not have any side effects and can be easily done at home.

  9. Rhassoul Clay says:

    Awesome post.
    Thanks a bunch for the tips ;)

  10. MsFullHair says:

    As far as I know hair transplant for women are not recommended because of diffused thinning hair all over the scalp. I think it’s essential for people with thinning hair to take hair vitamins on a daily basis as well as using shampoos that are based on natural ingredients

  11. try hair oil; it really works! put it on at night before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit your hair if nothing work then go with bio hair treatment

    • I guess you mean regular coconut oil? But a question … don’t you have to put something on your head at night? Coconut oil – or any oil – is quite greasy and would certainly mess up your pillow and its case?

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