Grab From Your Garden: Natural Skin Care Tricks

limeA healthy and nutritious diet, adequate sleep and a little daily exercise are all important ways to look after our skin and ourselves. But sometimes we still need a boost to improve our complexion, even if we might be doing everything “right”. Winter winds, overly heated offices, and boozy weekends can all lead to a duller glow, pimples, and flaky, dry skin. But the good news is that to find the most effective solutions often we don’t need expensive lotions and potions- we just need to look to what the back garden can offer.

Going Au Natural

One of the best reasons for doing skin care products yourself is cost. But also, it’s worth experimenting with natural solutions as prescription drugs or medical procedures can interfere with the body’s natural balances and have potentially harmful results.

Practicing a more organic approach to your skin can mean you keep that delicate body chemistry in tact. Make sure you do a patch test before you apply these to your face or body, though- even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

Lime Green Goodness

Limes are a great staple to keep stocked up on. If your eyes look a little tired, try soaking small cotton wool pads in a mix of lime juice and very cold water, then leave them over closed lids for fifteen to thirty minutes whilst you lie down and do absolutely nothing. You’ll soon be bright-eyed again.

For a great pore-tightening toner, mix a little lime juice with cucumber juice and a small amount of milk. Massage it onto your face with the very tips of your fingers, and wash off thoroughly with warm water. Beautiful.

To make up your own facemask, mix an egg yolk with lime juice and olive oil. Leave it on the face for as long as it takes to feel dry, then wash it off with cold water. This is especially effective for dehydrated, rough skin.

Honey, Honey

Honey is superb, and does so much- even just drizzled in warm bath water for silky soft skin all over. A big spoonful of honey mixed up with finely ground almonds, a bit of oatmeal, and some yogurt makes a gentle face scrub that will both cleanse pores and smooth out imperfections.

A honey-cinnamon paste on pimples, overnight and for up to ten days, will see swelling and inflammation reduced significantly. Or, try honey with olive oil and a little sandalwood essential oil and turmeric. It should make a thick pasta that when applied to the skin for five to ten minutes hardens and fights spot-causing bacteria on the skin.


Its seems a shame, almost, to put avocado anywhere accept in our mouths, but as ancient Mayans, Aztecs and Incan tribes all knew, avocados are essential to any beauty routine. Slices placed around the eyes are another pick-me-up idea as avocados can make you look instantly brighter. Even mashing up half an avocado with a little olive oil makes a wonderful creamy paste that is an ideal nutritious facemask.

As a moisturizer, don’t throw away the skin of an avocado- use it on your face. After you’ve cleansed apply the peel to your face using gentle upwards strokes. You can leave the oils on your face, or leave them to soak in for fifteen minutes and then rinse with tepid water. Either way, you’ll be glowing from all those nutrients.

This post was written by Court House Clinics, the U.K.’s leading cosmetic treatment centers across the U.K.

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