8 Ways To Remove Acne Scars

I don't have any acne scars (lucky me!) but in our youth and beauty-obsessed culture, I'm quite certain that they're considered pretty dreadful. Usually, puberty is the signal that turns on acne, and some of us suffer from it more than others. Generally, this charming looking condition (NOT!) wanes in our 20s and – mostly – becomes a memory, although there can be outbreaks of acne throughout out lives. For some, though, acne scars remain as an unsightly reminder of this classic teenage condition and removing acne scars is quite important. If acne scar removal is important to you, here are eight ideas – some natural remedies, some not.

About Effective Acne Scars Treatment …

No treatment is effective for everyone. What works for Joe will be a bomb for Susie.

The severity or mildness of your acne scars will determine your treatment options.

Treatments range from practically free to very expensive.

It's wise to try natural remedies first. You can always bring out the heavy duty guns later.

Remove Acne Scars With Natural Remedies …

Try these natural remedies first before the more drastic – and expensive – treatments below. Yes, they take longer, but they also build your health, rather than damaging it.

Acne Scar Treatment #1: Vitamin E is a very popular and famous remedy for scars of every kind. If you want to maximize this remedy, go internal AND external. That is, take natural (not synthetic, which is a waste of your time and money!) Vitamin E every day and also apply it externally to your scars. Simply squeeze some of the oil out of a capsule. You can buy bottles of pure Vitamin E oil, but the oil in the capsules is more likely to be potent since it isn't constantly exposed to the air as it is in the bottle.

Acne Scar Treatment #2: Make a paste of sandalwood and rose water and apply to your scars. Just as above, the synthetic versions will do you no good at all.

Acne Scar Treatment #3: A famous anti-aging oil for the skin is rosehip seed oil and it also combats scars in many people. Like the Vitamin E, choose only natural oil and apply it as often as possible to your scars. Rosehip seed oil also is well known as a wrinkle fighter.

Acne Scar Treatment #4: For maximum benefits, it's important to combat your acne scars from the inside, as well as the outside, so be certain to drink lots and lots of GOOD water [not unfiltered tap water!]. The optimal amount is 1/2 ounce for every pound of body weight, spread out over the day.

Important note: tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol and other such beverages are all dehydrating. If you drink them, (and you probably will – I know I do!) you will need extra water to counteract their effects. Generally, it takes twice as much water to make up for the effects. That is, if you drink 8 ounces of coke, drink 16 extra ounces of water, beyond your normal amount.

There is nothing you can do for your skin that is as powerful as drinking lots of GOOD water!

Drinking lots of good water will also help to combat acne while it's occurring as well as reduce the likelihood of scarring.

Acne Scar Treatment #5: Eating foods that promote health will also help to battle acne while it's occurring, reduce the chances of scars and help eliminate scarring once it has occurred. Think about it … the health of any body is 100% dependent on the health of its individual cells. And those cells are about as healthy as the fuel they receive. Sorry, but Burger King and KFC do nothing to make your cells healthy – but you already know this, right?

Acne Scars Treatments That Are Not Natural … 

These high tech ways are faster – but they're also more expensive, possibly damaging to your health and sometimes quite painful. Still, we live in an "I-want-answers-right-now" culture and this might appeal to many. And they're definitely not suitable for younger or older people, pregnant women, some people with allergies, and others.

Acne Scar Treatment #6: A dermabrasion removes the top skin layers with a machine that, well, it sands off your skin, just like a sander does to wood. The very thought makes me feel faint – but it's popular. Once the top layers of skin are removed, clearer, smoother skin appears.

Acne Scar Treatment #7: A chemical peel does the same thing. My ex husband had this procedure and it was painful and dreadful-looking. It truly looked like his face had been in a fire. Then he developed an allergic reaction and was quite sick for several days. It was a horrifying experience for both of us. However, everyone isn't allergic. Still, use this with great caution.

Acne Scar Treatment #8: Laser resurfacing is another possibility and is certainly gentler than burning off the skin as the two methods above do. Using light to remove acne scars isn't as quick or drastic as the two above, but it's gentler and less painful and ugly.

Is acne scar removal totally reliable? Not 100%, no. Some kind of acne scar treatment will work for just about everybody. There are obviously multiple treatment options available, so experiment until you find something that works on YOUR acne scars. And if nothing does, then acceptance is the only sane answer.

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  1. ok, i was thinking to go for skin resurfacing but NOT after reading your blog, i guess i will try natural remedy first, no matter if it will take time to give me results. thanks for honest post.

  2. Good Article, Acne scars Acne is a skin condition that affects manypersons. When someone has a severe case ofacne, they may be left with scars. These may bescars that are deep pits or craters, or scars thatare due to increased tissue formation on theskin. Unprotected exposure to sun, poppingpimples, poor diet, lack of proper hygiene, andstress can all cause acne scars. Hormonal orgenetic issues may also cause scars

  3. Nice post. Thanks for sharing the post. Acne is a skin condition with which many of the people suffer with this problem. It is better to treat the acne and acne deep scars as early as possible. I tried skin lightening cream which worked on me effectively. Along with these drinking lots and lots of water is also a healthy one.

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