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The Majority of Families Have Just 9 Meals In Their Repertoire
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Today's guest author writes about a common problem for most cooks: the same meal again and again. Especially if the cook (usually mom) works, and thus time is short, it's just more efficient to fix a meal we're familiar with. What's fascinating about this article, to me, is the '9 top meals'  because there are […]

Great Alternatives To Expensive Coffee Machines
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Whether you’re a self-confessed ‘coffee geek’ or not you may find yourself drinking a cup of coffee to “wake you up properly” before work or to “get you through the day”. Coffee does have benefits beside the positive effect caffeine appears to bring to your day – coffee drinkers are “less likely to have type […]

How to Grow a Peach Tree in Your Backyard
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Today’s guest authors offer a peachy treat (pun intended) for all of us. This great article on how to grow a peach tree comes from true authorities: the Pearson Farm, here in my glorious state of Georgia. So, if you love peaches like the Pearsons and I do, grab a pen, take notes and head […]

Garden Safety and Children: Easily Digestible Advice
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Having a fenced-in garden can offer tons of playtime freedom for kids, as well as some downtime for mums and dads. The little ones can go outside at leisure during the warm days of spring and hot days of summer, getting away from the television and video games that consumed their lives throughout winter and […]

Choosing The Right Rice Cooker for You
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Healthy rice is the basis of many different types of meals. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a rice cooker for your  household. There are two basic types of rice cooking device that can greatly benefit you and your family's needs, depending on your situation. Whether you use white or brown rice, […]

Asian Influenced Stuffed Green Peppers
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Stuffed green peppers make for an excellent vegetarian meal. The recipe is easy to make, and extremely versatile. The ingredients can be mixed and matched depending on the season or the mood of the chef. It also makes great use of produce that is commonly found in home-grown gardens or local markets. Substituting a few […]

Cherries Are Definitely Superfoods!
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My favorite fruit in the world is cherries. Fresh cherries, frozen cherries – even those horrible-for-us marachino cherries. The good news is that cherries are great home remedies because they are Superfood Champs!  Whatever ails you, try cherries. We’re definitely not saying they’re a cure for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g but they certainly won’t hurt. And while you’re […]

Healthy Dinners for Nightmare Nights (And No Halloween Treats!)
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Everyone is busy. Almost all the time. But how many of your nights feel like this? Kids have soccer practice. Mom has a tennis match. Dad’s home late from work. Dogs need to be fed. Homework isn’t yet finished. Clothes need to be washed. (Oh…and don’t forget…) Everybody needs to be fed. Before 6 PM! […]

Peanut Butter Bliss: GREAT Peanut Butter Bread!
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One of my fondest childhood memories is of walking to my grandmother’s house during the winter. The road between our houses was framed by impressive old oak trees, their massive branches forming a canopy over the gravel path. The only sounds were unseen birds singing in nearby bushes. Wind whistled through the treetops seeming to […]

The Pros and Cons of Being a Vegetarian
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If you are flirting with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, then you may be wondering if this type of lifestyle is a good fit for you. By reading what follows, we will present to you the pros and cons of being a vegetarian, so that you can make your own decision on whether or […]