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Review: Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffees
Categories: Recipes-Food

Americans are coffee-crazy and I am the only person I know who doesn’t really like coffee. Actually, that’s not totally true since I love some of Starbuck’s concoctions. Specifically the pumpkin spice latte that’s about to be back in the coffee shop. Erin, our guest author today, reviewed sic different varieties of Taster’s Choice and […]

Homemade Healthy Drinks to Keep You Hydrated
Categories: Recipes-Food

It is SO hot and humid in my town that I detest going outside! About all I want to eat is ice cream and cold drinks. But we humans sweat a lot in the heat so we need to stay hydrated and thus we need to be careful about liquids. I admit that my favorite […]

Give Your Old Kitchen Items A New Lease on Life
Categories: At Home

This is an especially fun article since it beautifully illustrates the creativity of the human race. Jessica has some great examples of reused kitchen items that get a second life. Perhaps we should think before we throw away our ketchup bottles? Even the most useful of household items can reach a point when they’re no […]

Growing Roses: Triumphantly Conquering Rose Diseases!
Categories: At Home, Mixed Bag

Growing roses just might be in my blood. Both of my grandmothers were botanical geniuses. They loved plants and could grow ANYTHING successfully. One of them, though, loved and adored roses. Her backyard would have shamed the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or Victoria magazine. There were thousands – of roses in every glorious […]

Ways to Eat Healthily and Save Money
Categories: Recipes-Food

Nan, our guest author today, has some interesting ideas about food. I especially like her idea about making our own snack mixes. Lots of them, for instance, have pretzels and I don't like them much. They're not repulsive or anything – just boring. For instance, who would eat saltines unless they were nauseated? Same kind […]

5 Juicer Recipes For Weight Loss and More
Categories: Recipes-Food

Juicer recipes are liquid gold (or should we say platinum? iridium?) for those of us interested in maintaining radiant, glorious health right up to the moment of our last breath. “Everybody knows” that fruits and vegetables are loaded with incredible health benefits – but the only problem is that it’s tough to get enough of […]

Strengthen Your Teeth with a Healthy Smoothie
Categories: Natural Remedies, Recipes-Food

We all want teeth that are as tough and solid as possible. But did you know that drinks and foods with sugar aren't only bad for your body but they also degrade your teeth? Today's guest author explains why that's true and offers a yummy recipe that will not only taste good but will actually […]

Adding Zap to the Lunch Sack
Categories: Recipes-Food

I recently read that some idiotic city had passed a regulation that parents could no longer pack their kids lunches because they weren’t nutritious enough. What a ghastly invasion of Big Government into the lives of parents who should be making decisions for their kids’ lives! I’d be storming the barricades with my pitchfork if […]

How to Make Moving an Environmentally Friendly Operation
Categories: At Home

I haven’t moved in years and just feel sick with dread at the thought of ever doing it again – until I move into my million dollar mansion, that is! :-). Today’s guest author brings up a great point that I had not considered – how to be as environmentally responsible as possible whenever we […]

Reasons Why Growing a Garden is Healthy for You
Categories: At Home

Have you ever bitten into a fresh and ripe tomato, only to wonder how that tomato came to taste so good and ‘real’? Well, you can start growing a garden now and produce your own fresh and healthy tomatoes. Yes, if you want to lead a healthier life, you should really start growing your own […]