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The Basic Pasta Salad Recipe Is Quite Simple
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Pasta is traditionally made from unleavened dough of wheat or buckwheat flour and water., although there are many new kinds of pastas today. For instance, when you are ready to prepare a pasta salad, you might choose pasta made of quinoa, spelt, brown rice, artichoke, beet or asparagus. And pasta is available in different lengths, […]

Turkey Recipes For The Thanksgiving Menu Are Cool – But What About The Turducken?
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Turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving dinner bird and most folks choose it for the Christmas table, too. As a vegetarian, I don’t care what the meat is, but my family does. So here are three ways to cook that poor turkey besides sticking it in the oven. But, first … if you’re tired of turkey, […]

Eco-Friendly Tips For A Spooky Halloween
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Halloween is just a scrumptious, joyous time of the year. Who doesn’t love the cool, spooky time of ghosts and goblins? Naturally, there must a few who don’t love it but it’s a favorite time for kids and those of us who are kids in spite of our age. I love to curl up in […]

Milkshake Recipe: Healthy Milkshake Recipes For Home
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Here is a milkshake recipe that sounds – and is – delicious. Its easy to make and has only four ingredients. You can watch the video here: Healthy Milkshake Recipe Variations * Chocolate has been found to contain all kinds of health benefits so add some organic cocoa powder * Add a dash of cinnamon […]

Organic Gardening Pest Control
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We choose organic gardening because we want to avoid all the chemicals that are so prevalent in our society. But as soon as we make a commitment to raising food this way, we’re faced with out deadliest enemy: bugs! How do we kill them – or at least, get rid of them – without heavy-duty […]

DIY Landscaping: Grow Fruit Trees
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I have a new DIY landscaping fever and I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve been planting fruit trees. But planting them is the easy part – getting them to thrive is the tough part. We just had a spiffy new patio built in our back yard and my plan to grow fruit trees […]

5 Star Alkaline Recipes: Kale Salad For Quick Healthy Meals
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I am a devotee of the alkaline diet and way of life and this is one of my favorite alkaline recipes: kale salad. Simple, healthy recipes are important to all of us who care about our health and that of our family. So, if you’re looking for healthy recipe ideas, check out this video and […]

My Best Green Tea Recipe
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I would like to share my best green tea recipe. Forget bottled green tea and make your own – it's healthier and cheaper. And the one I make is absolutely YUMMY (she said modestly, :-) Before I give you the ingredients, let's talk about how to brew your high quality green tea. Green tea is […]

3 Organic Gardening Tips For A Luscious Garden
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I plant a fairly large a huge garden every summer – with my primary focus on herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives, rosemary, etc. I have three organic gardening tips that might be helpful to beginners. Organic Planting & Our Wonderful Feathered Friends Whenever I sowed seeds in the spring I would have a terrible time […]

Miniature Roses Or The Joy Of A Miniature Rose Garden
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Miniature roses are … guess what? … miniaturized rose plants. They not ‘fake’ roses, as some insist – they’re real roses that have just been cultivated to grow smaller and smaller. A miniature rose garden is an incredible sight and well worth some trouble – if you love roses, of course. WHY Grow Miniature Rose […]