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Organic Gardening Tips For A Culinary Herb Garden
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If you need some organic gardening tips, here are three of my best. I plant a huge garden every summer – with my primary focus on my kitchen herb garden which has treasures like parsley, cilantro, chives, rosemary, etc. Yes, I have some veggies, too, but I love the herbs best. I go out in […]

The Hass Avocado: Succulent Green Fruit Worthy Of The Gods
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The hass avocado is truly a gift from the gods! I love and adore these creamy green fruits with their soft buttery taste, gorgeous color and versatility. Everybody knows avocados in guacamole but it’s used in many more recipes that that. There’s even an avocado ice cream, believe it or not. I’ve never had the […]

Kashi GoLean Recall
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There has been a Kashi GoLean recall. I eat a lot of Kashi foods and the company issued the recall because its Kashi GoLean Chocolate Energy Shake mix contained milk – specifically whey caseinate. This ingredient wasn’t mentioned on the canister and folks with a milk allergy might be affected. How To Identify The Affected […]

A Vegan Food Delight: Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins
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Muffins are a favorite vegan food {yep, I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t eat animal products}. But vegetarians do eat animals products and this is proof to any doubters that healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes can be both healthy – AND tasty! This is a carb-rich food which is my favorite kind of […]

Easy Pudding Recipes From My Trusty Vitamix (+ Lots Of Variations)
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In today’s culture we are so obsessed with food and weight that we sometimes forget that food is an almost sacramental experience, and one that should nourish body, mind and spirit. Looking at some of today’s popular diets it’s obvious that we have forgotten the sensual joy that should come from food and one of […]