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Let Lavender Lift Your Senses With a Lullaby
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What woman doesn't love lavender? Their color and scent drench our senses in beauty and today's guest author is an expert on lavender. I’ve always dreamed of a drive filled with every lavender available, and as their different heights are brushed against as visitors try to navigate their way backwards from our home, their last […]

Why The Colors In Your Diet Matter For Your Health
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I've often wondered about natural food colors and such plans as 'The Rainbow Diet' emphasize the importance of color. Today's author makes it clear that it's a subject worth pondering. Have you ever asked yourself why a lemon is yellow? Why a beet is that deep blood red? In fact, there is a relationship between […]

The Basics of Organic Gardening
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Organic gardening is the only kind of gardening that makes sense, now and for the future of our planet. Our guest author today has a delightful article on how to get started. If you've ever wondered if YOU can do this, you might get your answer right here, right now. Many gardening beginners seem to […]

Siamese-Style Spinach Summer Salad
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Autumn is almost upon us, but it's still summer and Katy, our guest author today, has offered us a delicious salad recipe that you won't want to miss. I know from bitter personal experience that sourcing out a satisfying summer lunch can sometimes be tricky if you’re trying to stay healthy and avoid carb-overload. Low-fat […]

4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas
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My father always ate breakfast. Always. And it was always the same: bacon, fried eggs and white bread toast, washed down with a gallon or two of coffee. Many people today would shudder at such a meal but many of those same people have ideas about what’s “right” for breakfast. I eat anything I want […]

5 High Protein Foods for Vegetarians
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Many diseases can be prevented if you eat right. Eating habit does matter. It can have positive impact on your health. Whether you are a veggie or a non-veggie, you need to take proper food stuffs to get energy and nutrition in the right proportion. Most of the vegetarians fear of lacking the necessary nutrition […]

Review: Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffees
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Americans are coffee-crazy and I am the only person I know who doesn’t really like coffee. Actually, that’s not totally true since I love some of Starbuck’s concoctions. Specifically the pumpkin spice latte that’s about to be back in the coffee shop. Erin, our guest author today, reviewed sic different varieties of Taster’s Choice and […]

Homemade Healthy Drinks to Keep You Hydrated
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It is SO hot and humid in my town that I detest going outside! About all I want to eat is ice cream and cold drinks. But we humans sweat a lot in the heat so we need to stay hydrated and thus we need to be careful about liquids. I admit that my favorite […]

Give Your Old Kitchen Items A New Lease on Life
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This is an especially fun article since it beautifully illustrates the creativity of the human race. Jessica has some great examples of reused kitchen items that get a second life. Perhaps we should think before we throw away our ketchup bottles? Even the most useful of household items can reach a point when they’re no […]

Growing Roses: Triumphantly Conquering Rose Diseases!
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Growing roses just might be in my blood. Both of my grandmothers were botanical geniuses. They loved plants and could grow ANYTHING successfully. One of them, though, loved and adored roses. Her backyard would have shamed the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or Victoria magazine. There were thousands – of roses in every glorious […]