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DIY Spice Blends: 7 Spice Blend Recipes That Save Money & Are Easy To Prepare
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Most cooks use spices and spice blends add all kinds of amazing flavors, If you make your own, you can control those flavors – for instance, you might like your chili very hot, so you can add more of the hotter peppers. And you can save money because you’re buying the ingredients in larger amounts […]

Repurpose The Back Yard Shed and Make It Useful Once Again
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Backyard sheds are extremely trendy right now. They have always been utilized for standard tool storage purposes, but over the past decade, people have begun to envision new ways to utilize their sheds to maximize their benefits on their properties. What are some fun and practical ways that sheds are being used? Uses For Sheds: […]

Review: Delta Lyndall 48 x 71 in. Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower Door in Nickel with Clear Glass
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I have written several posts about my shower remodel that occurred in November of 2019 and a prime piece is my Delta Lyndall 48 x 71 in. Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower Door in Nickel with Clear Glass, pictured below. I mentioned elsewhere that our contractor changed the dimensions of my shower to fit the acrylic […]

Your Ceiling Light Fixture A Burn-Your-House-Down Risk?
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We have a new ceiling light fixture. It replaced an older brass one that my son detested! Poor brass. :-( The picture to the left is the new replacement light. My son was interested in LED ceiling lights and this is an inexpensive experiment. Even though I like brass just fine, I was happy to […]

Remodeling Showers: Hard Earned Lessons on How To Remodel My Shower, Showers Remodel Part 2
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Remodeling showers seems to have been the #1 topic of my life recently. In an earlier post, Home Repair Hell: The Diary of a Shower Repair, I discussed the disaster that was my shower – the floor was about the fall through into the kitchen below. That would have been fun, riding the shower down […]

Home Repair Hell: The Diary of a Shower Repair
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Welcome to Home Repair Hell! We are doing a shower repair to fix a problem that could have – literally – killed somebody! Several years ago, we hired a company named AndyOnCall to redo the shower in our master bath. Suddenly, water began pouring through the kitchen ceiling in the area directly below the shower. […]

How To Be A Terrible, Awful, Horrible Salesman!
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The title of this article, “How To Be A Terrible, Awful, Horrible Salesman!”, sounds a tad extreme. But it really isn’t. We have to wonder how some people make a living in sales because we met a terrible salesman two days ago. My shower needs to be redone because, unbeknownst to us, the tile was […]

Fresh Ways To Decorate Your Home
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If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your home, you should look for some of the top trending styles. Modernizing your home with what is popular today can help your home look fresh and can help it appeal to your guests. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home because you want […]

Italian Food Cooking Ingredients For Pasta Meals & More
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Are you fond of Italian cuisine? Italian food is delicious and it is more on the healthy side too. If you want to whip up some Italian pasta and sauces at home, you should know the most favorite Italian cooking ingredients used. This way, you can experiment with the flavors and get that exact taste […]

Mexican Cooking: “Must-Haves” In Your Kitchen
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Mexican cuisine is delicious because of its unique flavors. Many crave Mexican food but cooking it at home can be a daunting task if you do not possess the must-have ingredients. The special thing about Mexican food is that aside from its native flavor, it has added cooking influences from China, Europe and India. The […]