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The Quick Guide To Reduce Moving Stress
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While it may not be as dramatic as graduating from school, getting married, or accepting your first job offer, moving home ranks among life’s top sources of stress. It stirs up plenty of inner conflict and confusion. You may feel overwhelmed on how to get everything done if you have a tight deadline and still […]

Why You Should Have Pest Control Beyond Just Being Grossed Out
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When we see a bug in our home, we either kill it or call a pest control service. Many people just assume we do it because we are grossed out by the sight of bugs in our home. There is, after all, a bit of a reputation that comes with having insects indoors and we […]

Kale Salad Recipe: A Simple & Radiantly Healthy Recipe
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Yeah, yeah, I know there are a lot of jokes about kale. But no one can deny that it’s healthy and – if you like the taste like I do – it’s a real taste treat. It’s easy to make and even (some) kids like it. So if you think of kale and go “ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” […]

Awesomely Simple Blueberry Bliss Dessert Recipe
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Those of us who love food – meaning, the entire human race (with a few weird exceptions) – naturally cast a calculating eye on the dessert table. And my go-to dessert for every event is Blueberry Bliss. My pan full of this delicious concoction has traveled to many, MANY places and it is always a […]

Amazing Literary Luncheons and Flower Bookmarks
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We recently opened an Etsy shop and one of the items we’re selling are 76 printable flower bookmarks, two of which are pictured on the left. A lovely lady named Susan bought them for her luncheon series titled “Floral Oracles: the Language of Flowers in Literature and Art”. I was so fascinated I wanted to […]

Herb Garden Plan: Plan Your Garden With An Emphasis On Herb Tea
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When considering any herb garden plan, think of this … nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of iced tea (unless it’s a dunk under the hose!) And it goes without saying that you will want to make your herb garden organic to avoid all the vile chemicals that are […]

Muesli: Homemade Muesli = Powerful Energy Source
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Muesli is an incredible energy source, not to mention one tasty ‘cereal’ – which can be life in a dish. And we don’t mean sugar-laden junk from the grocery store. We mean muesli that you make for yourself that is loaded with healthy and life-giving ingredients, not to mention being delicious. The late John H. […]

Merry Christmas 2017
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Merry Christmas 2017! Have a wonderful and safe holiday. All of us at BlissPlan wish you and yours a wonderful, loving day.

How To Set Up Your Perfect Home Office
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Although it might seem obvious to you that the best way to make a living is to run your own home-based business –because it will give you the independence you need to do what you love without a cap on how much your business can earn once you automate most of your business processes and […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2017
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Happy Thanksgiving 2017. The first national Thanksgiving observance in the USA was on¬†November 26, 1789 as proclaimed by General and then President George Washington. Many (most?) of us view Thanksgiving as just a day off from work, a day to eat too much and watch football games. But it’s much more than that. As our […]