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The Farmhouse Sink: A Modern Day Decorating Treasure
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A farmhouse sink, like the one pictured on the left from Amazon, is one of those fixtures that has waned and waxed in popularity. Decades ago, every house that could afford such a large sink, proudly boasted one. Then when dishwashers became popular, large farmhouse sinks were no longer necessary and in most houses they […]

Merry Christmas 2018
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Merry Christmas 2018! Many blessings of this wonderful holiday season to you and yours. Be safe, have fun and love one another.   

Understanding How a Lift Recliner Can Improve Both Mood and Health
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Hospitals have a certain reputation when it comes to comfort. People go in dreading the idea of an overnight stay. And that’s just as true for visitors as patients. There’s an unspoken expectation when people walk into those sterile environments; people think of lackluster food and uncomfortable furniture. To be sure, the waiting room does […]

Keeping Our Homes Pest Free
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There is nothing as irritating as having pests in your home. They can give you a headache as they tend to keep coming back no matter how many DIY remedies you employ. The best and most effective way to get rid of them completely is through the help of a professional, such as Joshua’s Pest […]

Christmas Spending: Cut Costs With These 5 Ideas
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Every year we face the same challenge that comes with the holiday season – keeping our costs under control. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, and with all the extra holiday temptations it only gets harder. It’s traditionally the most expensive time of year for families, and while this can’t easily be changed […]

Creating a Fun Backyard Escape Spot Everyone Will Enjoy
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  It has become more common for homeowners to add a backyard or other outdoor retreat spot that everyone can enjoy. Creating a fun escape location in your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to accomplish. When planning this outdoor retreat, be sure to consider the seating and dining arrangements that would best […]

How Does Black Mold Happen?
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If you have ever spotted a fuzzy, greenish-black substance growing somewhere in your home, you are not alone. You’re likely looking at a small patch of black mold and wondering how it could have ever gotten into your home. The answer is simple and yet it can also mean that you have some repairs you […]

Happy Labor Day 2018!
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Today is Labor Day, 2018, and I’m so darned thrilled! Labor Day is the emotional beginning of autumn, even if it’s not the calendar-start or the weather-start. It gives me hope of cooler temperatures and brilliant leaves. Sorry to all you hot weather lovers – not really. :-) My favorite time of year is now. […]

Growing a Garden That’s Naturally Yours
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Gardening is a very popular hobby, with participants in every location from the farm to the freeway. The term “gardening” is a very broad one, though, encompassing a wide range of activities serving many different purposes. What is really great about gardening is the fact that no matter your experience level or available resources, you […]

Brain Food: Writing and Reading to Make Yourself a Better Cook
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It’s fair to say that there are some pretty good home cooks out there, and reality shows that put them to the test show us they have some real talent. Perhaps you are one of them, or perhaps you are looking to get even better as a cook. There are two parts to this skill, […]