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How To Recognize Excellent Fruits And Vegetables In The Grocery Store Or Market
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We all know that fruits and vegetables are essential parts of a healthy diet. The vitamins and nutrients from them helps make the body stronger and can boost the immune system. Each fruit and vegetable has its own natural properties that are beneficial. For instance, a tomato has antioxidant properties that help cleanse the body […]

Happy Memorial Day 2019
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Happy Memorial Day 2019, America! Yes, the calendar says it’s still spring but Memorial Day is the emotional start of summer, just like Labor Day is the emotional start of autumn. Besides, the weather says summer with soaring temps in the 90s this week, here in Hotlanta. Memorial Day is in honor of our brave […]

School Is Out – Summer Vacation Is In
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School is out here today where I live in metro Hotlanta. The kids are ecstatic, of course – but not as much as the teachers. When I was a kid I thought the teachers were sad when school was out but when I was a teacher I knew differently. :-) For some strange reason, traffic […]

Organic Baby Bedding And Why You Want It For Your Babies
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Organic baby bedding has indeed become a hit among expectant and new mothers. Even top marketing sites like Amazon and eBay now feature a wide range of organic baby bedding and other related products. The bolstering popularity of these bedding sets seems to have a lot to do with the natural materials used for making […]

How To Get Organized For A Move
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Moving can be one of the most adventurous things we do in life, but the whole process can also be one of the most stressful. This is mainly because there can be a significant amount of things to look after and worry about which can end up causing quite a headache. Furthermore, there’s also the […]

Are Hotel Sheets Really As Great As Advertised?
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Buying hotel sheets these days puts you in good company because hotel bedding is the hottest trend in luxury bedding. There is good reason for this popularity because some of the premier hotels around the world, like the Ritz-Carlton, spend vast sums of money on bedding and they want only the best. Now this kind […]

Why Should I Choose Cotton Sheets Over Blends?
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If you like luxury – not to mention being comfortable while you sleep away 1/3 of your life – then cotton sheets are definitely the way to go. Want some reasons? Here are a quick four: 1. Cotton bed sheets are softer than blends 2. Cotton sheets are the most “breathable” meaning they allow air […]

How to Make Housing More Affordable
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There aren’t many human needs more core to our survival than shelter.  In a world that can sometimes throw some pretty harsh elements and predators at us, a home can provide us with necessary protection, well-being, and on a more modern level, can even be a sign of your overall social status.  To sum it […]

Happy Easter 2019
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Happy Easter 2019! What a fun day this is for kids – my granddaughter is wild with excitement. My daughter hides eggs (plastic, of course, since it’s outdoors and overnight) with toys and small amounts of money and the eager little egg-hunter has them up before dawn.  Have a safe and wonderful day and don’t […]

How To Make Wine At Home
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All over the world, many thousands of keen hobbyists are creating wine, and other beverages, every bit as good as those commercially available, in their own homes, and for a fraction of the price. So if you’re interested in how to make wine at home, this post is a great guide to getting you started.  […]