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“Old Age”? Watch This (Almost) 80 Year Old Salsa Dancer Shoot That Idea Down!
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“Old age” is universally dreaded in the western world. All the words that are applied to older people – even the politically correct “senior citizen” are condescending. And the images of sickness, dependence and decline in every possible way are almost too dreadful to contemplate. That’s why a video like the one below is so […]

Are You Sunburned? 61 Sunburn Treatment Ideas
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It's that time of year when being sunburned is all too common. Sunburns aren't just painful – they're aging to your skin! Horrors! None of us want to look 'old' – in fact, that's a source of supreme dread in our youth-fascinated culture. Obviously, the #1 way to avoid agonizing sunburn and its aging effects […]

How To Tone Your Body? Try Toning Shoes!
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When I first heard of toning shoes, skepticism would have been a mild word for my reaction. But my mother had osteoporosis and so I know because the importance of getting some exercise, especially toning exercises and I’m willing to listen to any and all ideas. Remember, weight bearing isn’t just for those guys with […]

The Best Calcium Supplements
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There probably isn't a woman in the West who doesn't know about the importance of taking calcium. We all know that we need lots of calcium to maintain strong bones and to avoid that dread disease, osteoporosis. But what many don't know is that the best calcium supplements have a huge range of benefits beyond […]

Sun & Skin Damage Are (Sadly) Inevitable Partners
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Sun and skin damage go together. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that EXCESSIVE sun and skin damage are inevitable partners. In the past people have been slaves to the sun. They would slather themselves in oil and bake their skin in the sun. Some people have even resorted to using foil reflectors to reflect […]

Yoga Toes: Yoga Stretching for Your Feet
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I do yoga and I have trouble with my toes (don’t most people?) so I am very interested in Yoga Toes. Steve Dub has written a really nice review of these interesting little “toe-fixers”. Perhaps Yoga Toes are the antidote to shoes that squish our feet into unnatural positions. Lots of people know just how […]

8 Natural Beauty Secrets
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There are many reasons to care about natural beauty secrets but here are the two Biggies: First, home made beauty tips involve ingredients that are in your house or are available at Walmart and other inexpensive stores. In other words, you save money – always a cool thing, especially in this economy. You avoid dangerous […]

The Chemical Face Peel: Good Idea Or Bad?
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My ex-husband was a huge fan of the chemical face peel and used to get them on a regular basis. To me they were horrible because his face was bright red and raw for days – he would even avoid going places for a couple of days. It seemed a high price but he was […]

Stop Aging? Andy Rooney Says The Attempt To Prevent Aging Is A Waste
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Stop aging? Maybe not – at least according to famous Andy Rooney. Most of us focus on getting younger, or at least we want to prevent aging. We are definitely a youth-obsessed culture and getting 'old' is definitely B-A-D. But isn't this all a mental game we play with ourselves?   As I grow in […]

Best Butt Exercises: 4 Superb Butt Lift Exercises
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Best Butt Exercises: 4 Superb Butt Lift Exercises Does the thought of looking at yourself from the rear make you feel faint? You’re definitely not alone! But there is good news: the best butt exercises can (reasonably) quickly tone up your rear along with your entire hip and thigh area so that you are certain […]