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Blood Circulation & Exercise: Do Exercise To Increase Blood Circulation
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The strong link between blood circulation and exercise is simply another fabulous reason to exercise – in addition to weight loss and other health benefits. Indeed, when we exercise for circulation , we are certain to increase our energy. In fact, instead of the famous ‘vicious circle’, we have a wonderful ‘positive circle’ beginning … […]

4 Habits That Will Slow Aging – And Even REVERSE Aging
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If the Fountain Of Youth – a mythical water source that will reverse aging (or so the legends go) – truly existed, stumbling over it would instantly make you the most popular person on our incredibly gorgeous blue and green planet. Actually, remaining healthy – and even looking great, no matter your age – isn't all […]

Vitamin K Foods & A Vitamin K Supplement Combat Dis-ease
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If you’re interested in nutrition, both Vitamin K foods AND a daily Vitamin K supplement need to be a part of your plan. Vitamin K foods and supplements offer important physical protections and their price is quite modest. Vitamin K is especially useful for three important reasons. Vitamin K Food & Arteriosclerosis (Hardening Of The […]

The Ultimate Antiaging Advice From Someone Who Ought To Know!
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This fabulous story, written by Francesca Biller-Safran and printed in the Huffington Post, is indeed the ultimate anti-aging advice. It's written about a 96 year old woman who is younger than most anyone I know. I especially agree with her very first advice: "Don't spend a lot of time with old people, they just make […]

Male Pattern Balding Treatment
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Male pattern balding affects many men in the world today. And though there are many "cure-all’s" touted on the internet, not all of them work. Thankfully there are a few products out there that can slow down hair loss or even make hair grow back. It is not advisable to buy the first "miracle potion" […]

Photofacials: Photo Facial Rejuvenation For Deep Skin Treatment
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Photofacials are different from laser facial treatments, although some people think they are the same. Photofacial treatments give better results than laser treatments because they can treat issues like dilated vessels and pigmentation issues by going deeper into the skin. Photofacial rejuvenation is an especially effective age spot treatment. Photo facial rejuvenation is able to […]

Look Younger & Reverse Aging With The Anti Aging Super Duper Secret Weapon
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We don't want to just look younger – we want to BE younger. We don't want to age – we want to reverse aging. But humans have been holding on to this dream for millenia, so is it as much a mirage as Ponce de Leon's fountain of youth? Actually, no. Not if we use […]

Best Work Out Videos & The Best Work Out DVDs
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Since you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re interested in losing weight. In our culture the two "mainstays" of weight loss are diet and exercise. If you’re too busy [or too tired] to get to a gym or if the cost is too high, then you might want to exercise at home. If […]

Youthing As A Motivation To Lose Weight
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If your motivation to lose weight runs out long before the pounds fall off, then how about this as a motivation: youthing! Of course, it’s a generalization, but … generally … people who are thin and active are less likely to get sick or suffer with hideous diseases. The entire point of our health habits […]

Stop The Aging Of Your Mind With Free Online Education Classes
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The Internet is wonderful! Yes, in spite of all the problems, it’s the most amazing communication tool in history, apart from language. It’s allowed all of us to have vast amounts of learning at our fingertips – including free online college classes! Stop aging of your mind by learning new things, acquiring new knowledge and […]