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Beat The Heat With These Killer Summer Beauty Tips
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Bethany, our guest author today, wrote this article for all women who are trying to survive this hot summer! Putting on makeup in the morning is not fun. In fact, I’ve been skipping it many days – how about you? Autumn, where are you? During the dog days of summer sweltering high temperature and humidity […]

Protecting Your Skin Starts With Protecting Yourself From the Sun!
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Hotlanta has been living up to its name the last two or so months so protection from the merciless sun is a Big Deal around here. Our guest author today talks about hos to keep ourselves safe from the sun. Everyone aspires to have smooth, natural skin yet the environment makes it difficult to turn […]

Avon: An Oldie But Goodie & Still Worth Every Penny
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Our guest author today recommends the Avon cosmetics line and this article brings back nostalgia. When I was a teacher I was a constant user of Avon products because there were several representatives in my neighborhood and school so they were easily available. For those who pride themselves on being savvy about the latest and […]

Natural Hair + Healthy Hair = Gorgeous Hair
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We all want natural hair that is gorgeous, shining and blowing in the breeze like the models on TV. And to do that we need healthy hair. Of course, the gals on the commercials and in magazines are chosen specifically because their hair is so spectacular and most of us don’t, and never will, look […]

Are You Sunburned? 61 Sunburn Treatment Ideas
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It's that time of year when being sunburned is all too common. Sunburns aren't just painful – they're aging to your skin! Horrors! None of us want to look 'old' – in fact, that's a source of supreme dread in our youth-fascinated culture. Obviously, the #1 way to avoid agonizing sunburn and its aging effects […]

My Detox Cleanse: Day 1
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I started my body cleanse this morning, as planned. I will post my food intake the following day, obviously, since I don’t know yet about today’s menu. I can tell you what I’ve done so far. My Liver Cleansing Diet Supplements There are multiple supplements that I’m taking, some of which are ‘regular’ and a […]

5 Clues That A Binge Eating Disaster Is Imminent
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Many years ago there was a TV series called 'Lost In Space'. One of the stars of this cheesy show was a robot who would warn of approaching problems by repeating the words, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger". So if you've ever found yourself deep into binge eating before you even consciously realized what was happening, […]

Four Benefits of Frankincense Oil
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Frankincense is mentioned in the Bible as a gift given to the baby Jesus by the three Wise Men. Obviously, it is an old and highly-valued oil and our guest author today mentions four powerful benefits. Frankincense oil is extracted from the resin of frankincense trees. The bark of the tree is pierced, causing the […]

5 Tips for Healthy Hair
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Our guest author today writes for a French site and it’s especially interesting to see how our friends in other countries manage their beauty routines (and lives). Isabelle is writing today about our ‘crowning glory’ – hair. I don’t know about you but often my hair is a ‘crowning mess’, instead of glory, so all […]

What Is A Detox Cleanse?
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Today we start a multi-article series on detoxing or cleansing: who should do it, how to do it, the rewards and the not-so-fun moments. If you've been wondering if a detox is right for you, we start here with a lot of answers. For decades, those of us who believed in a detox cleanse were […]