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INSIST Upon Certified Organic Skin Care Products
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Homo sapiens has been tripping across the planet for many long millennia and it’s a sure thing that we have always preferred to to look gorgeous, sexy, desirable – and be the envy of all our friends. Until recently, though, our beauty products were minerals, plants and other goodies abundantly supplied by Mother Nature – […]

Best Work Out Videos & The Best Work Out DVDs
Categories: Anti-Aging, Health

Since you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re interested in losing weight. In our culture the two "mainstays" of weight loss are diet and exercise. If you’re too busy [or too tired] to get to a gym or if the cost is too high, then you might want to exercise at home. If […]

8 Ways To Remove Acne Scars
Categories: Natural Skin Care

I don't have any acne scars (lucky me!) but in our youth and beauty-obsessed culture, I'm quite certain that they're considered pretty dreadful. Usually, puberty is the signal that turns on acne, and some of us suffer from it more than others. Generally, this charming looking condition (NOT!) wanes in our 20s and – mostly […]

Deprivation Of Sleep: The Miserable And Dangerous Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
Categories: Natural Sleep

Deprivation of sleep is defined as a reduction or disruption in the number of hours of necessary sleep. The necessary amount of sleep can vary greatly from person to person; there is no standard number that can be applied to everyone. Generally, sleep deprivation is not considered harmful for a person if it does not […]

Youthing As A Motivation To Lose Weight
Categories: Anti-Aging

If your motivation to lose weight runs out long before the pounds fall off, then how about this as a motivation: youthing! Of course, it’s a generalization, but … generally … people who are thin and active are less likely to get sick or suffer with hideous diseases. The entire point of our health habits […]

13 Natural Ways To Fall Asleep When You Just CANNOT Sleep!
Categories: Natural Sleep

We’ve all been there: lying in bed, near tears because we just cannot fall asleep, no matter how hard we try. It’s 2 a.m., you have to get up for work in a few hours, and you are about to give up and take one of those stupid Tylenol P.M.’s or some other drug that […]

Stop The Aging Of Your Mind With Free Online Education Classes
Categories: Anti-Aging

The Internet is wonderful! Yes, in spite of all the problems, it’s the most amazing communication tool in history, apart from language. It’s allowed all of us to have vast amounts of learning at our fingertips – including free online college classes! Stop aging of your mind by learning new things, acquiring new knowledge and […]

Why Your Beauty & Skin Care Products Just Might Send You To The Hospital (Or Worse)
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Beauty and skin care products are wildly popular but unsuspecting users may not realize that the face and skin care products they’re using may be quite dangerous. Hoping to become more beautiful, we choose products without adequate knowledge of what they’re doing to our bodies. All skincare products — from the cheapest drug store brand […]

Rozerem Side Effects: What The Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know
Categories: Natural Sleep

A quote from a Rozeren user … "I went to bed at the same time as always, wearing my pink nightgown and fuzzy yellow socks. When I woke up three hours later, I was sitting by the side of the road, surrounded by policemen and paramedics. My car was wrecked. Apparently, about 2 hours after […]

How To Fall Asleep Fast Without Swallowing Ineffective Sleeping Pills
Categories: Natural Sleep

Did you know that sleep disorders have reached epidemic proportions in America? Why? It’s anybody’s guess. Perhaps it is due to the fast-paced and hectic modern lifestyle we endure. Maybe it is because of the steroid-laced foods we constantly consume. It may even be attributed to the invention of electricity, which has drastically interrupted our […]