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7 Natural Remedies for Adult Acne
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Here are seven natural remedies for acne. However, I’m not making the mistake of thinking that you’re a teenager. Possibly you are but the truth is that acne affects people of all ages, even though teenagers suffer for it more than us older folks. So before you go racing out and spend a fortune at […]

DIY Pumpkin Conditioner For Shiny Hair
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I don’t know about you but I think of pumpkin as a fall vegetable that isn’t much in use the rest of the year. But here is a great use of pumpkin that will definitely improve the looks of your hair, especially if it’s dry, dull and lifeless. Pumpkin Conditioner Recipe For Shiny Hair 2 […]

2 Beauty Recipes For Gorgeous Skin
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If you’re looking for beauty recipes, here are two that are very, very healthy and good for your skin. They give that famous ‘glow’ and minimize lines and wrinkles. Make A Thyme Astringent That Will Minimize Pores and Tighten Skin You can make a nice purifying scrub with two simple ingredients: thyme (pictured above) and […]

How To Reduce Or Eliminate Wrinkles
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Beauty may be more than skin deep, but it sure is nice to have beautiful skin anyway. Unfortunately, you may be dealing with common skin issues like wrinkles, sun damage, and stretch marks that make you a little self-conscious when you’re out on a date. One effective way of taking care of your skin better […]

2 Chocolate Soap Recipes
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We have a book named 517 Inexpensive Spa and Beauty Gifts To Make and it has … surprise … 517 recipes for all kinds of luxurious, sensual and self-pampering gifts. The good part is that they’re much cheaper than anything you buy in a store and they’re simple.  My daughter recently took these two recipes to a […]

5 Effective Options to Reduce Deep Wrinkles
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A fine line on the neck, a bag or sagging under the eye – your body has signs of aging, or making you appear older than you are. It is intrinsic aging that you’re going through, a process that happens over the years regardless of external factors (environmental and sun damage) Intrinsic aging has a […]

Does Your Skin Look Older Than You?
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If you’re one of the millions of women and men who are concerned about the health of your skin, you’ll be happy to know that the latest advances in personalized skincare are here! Over time, great lengths have been taken in the spirit of obtaining a more youthful look. For example, Hollywood actresses of the […]

The Latest, Greatest Ways to Conceal Wrinkles
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Wrinkles. It’s a word that no one wants to hear, let alone see on their face. Mother Nature hasn’t given us a fountain of youth, but technology is helping close the gap. In the last few decades, doctors and scientists have come up with incredibly effective ways to correct wrinkles and turn back the hands […]

Beware “Fragrance” & “Parfum” In Your Personal Care Products!
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Nice smells are IN. And that’s great because who doesn’t want to use personal care products that smell like lavender or ginger or vanilla or … The problem is we have No Freaking Idea of what’s in that fragrance!!! Except that it’s most likely nothing we want on our bodies if we’re concerned about health. […]

“Old Age”? Watch This (Almost) 80 Year Old Salsa Dancer Shoot That Idea Down!
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“Old age” is universally dreaded in the western world. All the words that are applied to older people – even the politically correct “senior citizen” are condescending. And the images of sickness, dependence and decline in every possible way are almost too dreadful to contemplate. That’s why a video like the one below is so […]