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Lavender-Peppermint Homemade Face Scrub
Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

There are lots of expensive and chemical-laden facial scrubs on the market. Why spend huge sums of money on uncertain products when you can make your own homemade face scrub for a small amount of money? And this yummy recipe from our book 517 Spa and Beauty Gifts To Make will give you a luscious experience […]

How To Grow Hair, Part 2: DIY Coconut Oil Treatment For Thinning Hair?
Categories: Beauty, Hair

In our last post about how to grow hair, we pointed out the dangers of Minoxidil and Rogaine. There are others, of course, that promise thick, shining, luxurious hair with no side effects, but none of them seem any safer than Rogaine. So here’s an idea worth trying: a DIY coconut oil treatment for thinning […]

How To Grow Hair, Part I: Rogaine Dangers
Categories: Beauty, Hair

Lots of folks these days are desperate about their thinning hair and look everywhere for solutions. Thin hair, or even balding, is no joke to some people – actually to most people – and especially women. After all, guys can be studly with a shaven head. Women, not so much. Since we’re often desperate to […]

DIY Chocolate Lip Gloss
Categories: Beauty

Here’s a luscious chocolate lip gloss recipe from our 517 Spa and Beauty Gifts To Make book. I’ve made it several times and it’s especially great in the summer when we feel dried out from sun or sand. Actually, it’s pretty great in the winter, too, when it’s so much drier. It’s all natural, wonderful for […]

The Importance of Healthy Skin
Categories: Beauty

Skin health begins when you are young. Preteen and teenage years come with blemishes, pimples and acne. Pimples and acne don’t just affect your face, they can appear nearly anywhere on your body. It’s important to take care of your skin; after all, it is the biggest organ your body has! If it weren’t for […]

Common Eyelid Skin Issues & Their Natural Treatment
Categories: Beauty

Skin issues become more bothersome when they appear on your face. Whether it is a pimple or a seasonal attack of acne, you can easily lose your sleep over facial skin issues. Eyelid skin issues are more worrying because of the sensitivity of the skin condition. It’s not just the scales and dryness that define […]

A Luscious, CHEAP Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Treatment
Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the value of alpha-hydroxy for your skin. A natural alpha-hydroxy, that is. Well, here is a luscious little goodie you can whip up yourself and it’s so cheap it’s almost obscene. What Do Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Do For My Skin? Not much. Only: * Remove dead skin cells so […]

“I Should Put Honey on My Zits?”
Categories: Beauty, Health

Supposedly, a great treatment for those zits and pimples is honey. But not just any old honey – manuka honey is the powerhouse. If you don’t know the difference between orange blossom honey (for example) and manuka honey, don’t worry – I didn’t either. But apparently manuka honey only comes from the manuka bushes of […]

A Simple Natural Remedy As An Eczema Treatment
Categories: Beauty

If you have itchy, painful, ugly eczema, you would probably like a simple, inexpensive natural remedy, right? Well, here's one for you … manuka honey. It's hard for me to believe, but according to the Mayo clinic, eczema accounts for 43% of all doctor visits. I personally find that to be a very suspicious statistic but […]

A Coffee Scrub For Your Face
Categories: Natural Skin Care

If you're looking for an easy facial aid, consider a coffee scrub. It's an inexpensive and simple homemade facial scrub that you can concoct in minutes and only requires four ingredients. You can make it in a couple of minutes, apply for 3-5 minutes and be done with your entire beauty ritual in a natural […]