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Stretch Marks: How To Make Them Less Evident
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Little imperfections on skin may not affect your physical health but are a danger to your psychological health. Stretch marks top the list of these imperfections and are a serious problem for those desiring flawless skin. When weight gain or weight loss overstretches the skin, it tears the collagen and elastin fibers creating tear marks […]

203 Frightening Side Effects From Prescription Sleeping Pills
Categories: Natural Sleep

The most popular prescription sleeping pills on the market today are Sonata, Lunesta and Ambien. And with the current economic crisis in the world, insomnia has skyrocketed as a health problem. Millions upon millions, desperately worried about their futures, have turned to these sleeping aids as insomnia remedies. And they DO seem appealing. A woman […]

Safe Skin Care Has Nothing To Do With Price
Categories: Natural Skin Care

There is no doubt that we humans are awash in a sea of dangerous, hideous chemicals. It's also certain that nobody – NOBODY – has a clue about the long term effects of this chemical bath. So if you're interested in safe skin care, you definitely must consider natural skin products. In fact, our report […]

Homemade Cleansing For Your Face
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You may be looking for a homemade way to cleanse your skin. First, you will need to throw away all of the products that you are currently using. These products most likely work for your T zone. However, the chemicals that are in the cleansers may be taking too many of the natural oils that […]

Body Scrubs
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Body scrubs have been around for years, and there are several different kinds you can use. There are body scrubs that are made of sponges, usually a soft sponge, but there are others that are harder and not so nice feeling. There are also body scrubs that are cleansers. The sponges are used to scrub […]

Aloe Vera Skin Care
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Many of us have memories of our grandparents breaking the leaf of an aloe vera plant and using it to soothe a burn or scraped knee. This is because the gel inside the leaf of the aloe vera plant has long been a natural healing salve. For centuries these plants have been used to help […]

Facelifts To Look Younger?
Categories: Natural Skin Care

We think that facelifts are an awfully drastic solution to aging skin – who wants to look like Joan Rivers? Still, face lifts are one of the many options when it comes to plastic surgery. If you are looking for a drastic change in the firmness and look of your face, you may want to […]

Using A Laser For Wrinkles
Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

As we get older wrinkles plague us all. Depending on lifestyle choices such as smoking and sun exposure people will have different degrees of wrinkles. Many people spend large amounts on lotions and creams that promise to help the degree of wrinkles. Here are BlissPlan, we firmly believe in natural skin care but we know […]

Organic Baby Skin Care
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Babies have extremely sensitive skin so the chemicals that are found in some baby skincare products can irritate them. In order to prevent skin irritations with your baby’s skin you can use organic baby skin care products. Organic baby skincare products are made of all natural organic ingredients. None of the ingredients found in natural […]

The 2 Kinds of Laser Skin Treatments
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As we age many of us begin to find ways to turn back time on the aging process. Some people even go as far as getting a face lift in order to look younger. The problem with plastic surgery is that it can often result in unfavorable results. Unfortunately with plastic surgery the results are […]