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Gustav Klimt Cross Stitch Pattern: “Golden Tears” With Special Report
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This cross stitch pattern is from the famous Gustav Klimt painting titled “Golden Tears”. And it is truly spectacular, as our Special Report promises! Klimt spent time in his “Golden Period” when he literally included such embellishments as gold leaf in his works and if you look carefully at this one you can see the […]

Gandalf Cross Stitch Pattern: Lord of the Rings Wizard
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Who on this planet doesn’t love Gandalf, the gray, then white, wizard, from The Lord of the Rings? We think this cross stitch pattern perfectly captures his likeness and we’re stitching it ourselves. One summer, my mom and brother came to visit me from out of town. During their visit, my brother mentioned The Hobbit […]

Cross Stitch Pattern of 3 Gorgeous, Elegant Edwardian Ladies: Printable, Instant Download
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We love cross stitch around here and our new pattern of 3 elegant, gorgeous Edwardian ladies is a true fav. Aren’t they gorgeous in their beautiful clothes? I really admire that age. It didn’t have the ridiculousness of bustles or waist cinchers, yet it is so classy. I can’t imagine wearing one of those hats […]