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183 Cross Stitch Patterns of Watercolor Dogs: Dozens of Dog Breeds Stitched With DMC Floss
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We are thrilled to have a new collection of cross stitch patterns of dogs. They are adorable watercolor portraits of dogs and some of them are so life-like that we wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly began barking. Look at these cutie pies!  You can instantly download all of them or have a DVD or […]

Halloween Treats Day 31: Perfect Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

If there is ever a “perfect”, classic Halloween pumpkin carving, this is it. This isn’t just a great Halloween cross stitch pattern – it’s also a model when you sit down at the kitchen table with a knife and a pumpkin to carve your scary jack-o-lantern for the season. We love how much this pumpkin […]

Halloween Treats Day 30: Not Your Typical Halloween Witch
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

The typical Halloween witch is old, ugly, evil and often has a giant nose with a wart on it. But folklore and countless stories tell us that not all witches are like this. In fact, there are many good witches – think Glenda in the Wizard of Oz. This watercolor Halloween cross stitch pattern must surely […]

Halloween Treats Day 29: Watercolor Pumpkin Glares At Us!
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This watercolor pumpkin, all carved for Halloween, could have been charming with its brushstrokes of pale color. Instead, he’s threatening and leering as we can see by his evil grin. What a great Halloween cross stitch pattern because All Hollows Eve is definitely meant to be a scary night, not a friendly one – in […]

Halloween Treats Day 28: Everything A Witch Needs
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

If you like witches, and I certainly do, you will love this simple Halloween cross stitch pattern of some of a witch’s best friends. There’s even a purple hat band with a gold buckle (is it REAL gold or not? we say ‘yes’). What self-respecting witch doesn’t want a pointed black hat? And of course, she […]

Halloween Treats Day 27: Terrifying Creature Claws Against The Moon
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This isn’t a friendly and light-hearted Halloween cross stitch pattern. The sight of this clawed … something … against the moon is enough to give anyone a chill. First of all, the talons are long, sharp and clearly deadly. And notice the scales on the claws. Whatever this is, it’s clearly a predator and we have […]

Halloween Treats Day 26: Evil Grinning Skull Watercolor Pattern
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This sinister Halloween cross stitch pattern depicts a grinning skull, and that grin isn’t a nice one! He looks as though he is anticipating some really terrible events that are coming our way. A skull isn’t a cheery sight anyway, but we’ve all seen enough of them to know that there are really creepy ones […]

Halloween Treats Day 25: Colorful Watercolor Halloween Ghost
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This orange and gold watercolor ghost makes a great Halloween cross stitch pattern for several reasons. The main one, for me, is the color scheme. Almost everyone loves Mother Nature’s autumn theatrical production with her beautiful red, gold and orange leaves and our ghost below matches the theme of this annual fashion show.  Another reason to enjoy this […]

Halloween Treats Day 24: Evil Grinning Skull, 2 Versions
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Today’s Halloween cross stitch pattern is an evil skull centered on a crinkled, antique background. And yes, he looks really threatening and not at all happy. I don’t want to meet him – do you? He is reminiscent of the famed pirate flag and we see movies today that make light of these savage individuals. […]

Halloween Treats Day 23: A Lady Watercolor Autumn Pumpkin
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We think this adorable, grinning Halloween pumpkin is a lady pumpkin, rather than a man? Why? Because of the blue watercolor in the image which definitely resembles hair. And who’s to say that hairy pumpkins aren’t blue headed? Regardless, she’s a fun cross stitch pattern to make. With her friendly, if mostly toothless, grin and […]