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Halloween Treats Day 14: Evil Black Smoking Pumpkin
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This Halloween cross stitch pattern is so striking – and so evil – that we were stunned when we first saw it. The black pumpkin is definitely NOT our friend! And his bats don’t like us either. If you like to be frightened in late October, this cross stitch piece will do it! We can […]

Halloween Treats Day 13: Owls, Bats, Cats, Pumpkins & Spiders
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This luscious Halloween cross stitch pattern has almost all of the seasonal favorites: an owl, a spider, a black cat, bats, pumpkins and a bare and leafless tree. Hear that sigh of satisfaction? That’s joy at all the goodies in this great autumn scene.  The cat in our orange and black Halloween scene looks more curious […]

Halloween Treats Day 12: A Welcome by Death Himself!
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Nobody wants to see Death himself staring at us with open arms. That’s what makes this Halloween cross stitch pattern so nerve racking – and isn’t that the point of this famous day?  Death almost, but not quite, looks harmless. After all, he’s welcoming us with open arms and look at the adorable heart on […]

Halloween Treats Day 11: Dangerous Watercolor Pumpkin
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This beautifully painted watercolor Halloween pumpkin may be smiling, but it definitely is NOT a humorous or friendly smile! So perfect for a Halloween cross stitch pattern that represents this scary time of year. Our pumpkin looks a bit … menacing … don’t you think? Halloween comes from the celtic tradition of All Hollows Eve […]

Halloween Treats Day 10: Adorable Black Halloween Cat
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Isn’t this adorable black Halloween cat a joy to look at? She makes a great cross stitch pattern for the upcoming autumn season.  We like the way her back is arched and she really, really stands out on the autumn background. The classic orange and red Halloween colors certainly exist in this memorable stitching. As […]

Halloween Treats Day 9: Watercolor Pumpkin and Hungry Crow
Categories: Fun Time

What a delightful autumn and Halloween watercolor is depicted in this Halloween cross stitch pattern. The watercolor design makes us feel happy and we can enjoy this inquisitive crow. Mr. Crow is standing on the pumpkin and is obviously about to take a bite of the dark red berries. We wondered what those berries might […]

Halloween Treats Day 8: A Sinister Halloween Goblin
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

We really love Halloween and so do little kids who enjoy scurrying around the street, yelling “trick or treat”. But nobody, NOBODY, would like to meet this truly scary creature on the magical night of October 31. We feel courageous just putting it out there as a Halloween cross stitch pattern! Actually, we’re not sure what […]

Halloween Treats Day 7: 3 Black Cats & Their Spider Friend
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

At BlissPlan we LOVE cats and these three black Halloween cats with their oh-so-wide eyes and spider friend make a great Halloween cross stitch project. They look startled, don’t they? As though they’re not sure how they got here inside the moon. And what are we to make of their paw print? Did they try to […]

Halloween Treats Day 6: Black Cat in a Graveyard Cross Stitch Pattern
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Orange and black are the colors of Halloween and this spooky scene is awash in these traditional favorites. Our black cat has glowing green eyes as he stands in his tree admiring the multiple tombstones below. He obviously considers himself the master of this Halloween spookiness and who are we to say he is not? We love the […]

Halloween Treats Day 5: Autumn Scene With Flying Bats
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This cross stitch pattern and printable is suited for Halloween, sure, but it’s also appropriate for any time during the glorious autumn scene, the one with bewitching beauty and crisp cool days and nights. In our shop description, we mention that this reminds me of a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she and her […]