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Halloween Treats Day 6: Black Cat in a Graveyard Cross Stitch Pattern
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Orange and black are the colors of Halloween and this spooky scene is awash in these traditional favorites. Our black cat has glowing green eyes as he stands in his tree admiring the multiple tombstones below. He obviously considers himself the master of this Halloween spookiness and who are we to say he is not? We love the […]

Halloween Treats Day 5: Autumn Scene With Flying Bats
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

This cross stitch pattern and printable is suited for Halloween, sure, but it’s also appropriate for any time during the glorious autumn scene, the one with bewitching beauty and crisp cool days and nights. In our shop description, we mention that this reminds me of a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she and her […]

Halloween Treats Day 4: Watercolor Pumpkins and A Crow
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Some Halloween art is meant to be scary and some isn’t. Today’s wonderful watercolor of four pumpkins and a crow sitting on a fence is definitely in the second category. Our friend, Mr. Crow, seems to be on the alert for danger. He’s not afraid, but he’s definitely paying attention. The pumpkins are grinning but they […]

Halloween Treats Day 3: Halloween Crow & A Harvest Moon
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

We just love this stunning Halloween crow we have for you today. This determined bird flies in front of a full harvest moon of the kind we often see in October or November. We’re not certain what to call the black ‘trails’ (or smoke?) that follow our intrepid bird, but we do know that they […]

Halloween Treats Day 2: Our “Everything Halloween” Treasure
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Don’t you agree that our “Everything Halloween” cross stitch pattern and printable 8″ x 10″ image has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g ‘Halloweenish’. We’ve got the obligatory jack-o-lantern (suitably evil looking, of course); a detached eyeball (ick!); a ghost; the headstone of some poor unfortunate who was undoubtedly murdered in an especially ghastly way; and what would Halloween be […]

Halloween Treats Day 1: A Witch Streaks The Sky
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

During the month of August, we’re posting new Halloween treats every day and our great Day 1 spooky includes this witch streaking through the sky while her black cat perches on a nearby roof. CROSS STITCH VERSION There are so many features to love in this oh-so-cool Halloween image, like the creepy-looking house, the leafless […]

Who Is The Murderer?
Categories: Fun Time

I’ve been feeling the need for some intellectual stimulation lately and so I’ve dragged out some of my many puzzle books to stir up the neurons. Puzzles are a marvelous and FUN way to get the cerebral juices flowing. Here’s a fun and easy one from 101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic. See how you […]

Truly Striking Wildflower Cross Stitch Pattern
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

Check out this truly striking wildflower cross stitch pattern. It’s one of our original oil paintings and we’re really proud of it. With the black background, the pinks and purples make a vivid contrast. Of course, the download doesn’t have our watermark on it. If you decide to check it out, be sure to click […]

3D Spice Alphabet Cross Stitch Patterns
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

We really love alphabets around here and our new 3D Spice Alphabet cross stitch pattern collection is a goodie. If you look at a closeup of the letters you will see cool little geometric shapes. Honestly, I’m not sure what to call them since they have so many angles on them? However, I can give […]

Beautiful New Zebra Cross Stitch Patterns
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fun Time

We just added some new zebra cross stitch patterns and they’re just plain gorgeous. This fine fellow to the left is an example of how beautiful these wild, free animals are when promoted in cross stitch.  And all of them, except one, are original oil paintings. We take battered, dull, dark, ugly photos and turned them into vibrant […]