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DIY Tooth ‘Soap’ or Toothpaste
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I’ve been informed that I have gingivitis and the remedy, according to the dentist, is a “deep cleaning”. It’s uncomfortable and horribly expensive and I’ve been doing lots of research for natural alternatives. One of the first things I’ve done is create my own toothpaste, which I should have done a long time ago. The list […]

End Constipation, Lose Weight & Clean Yourself Out With Only 2 Ingredients?
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My son read about a way to clean himself out and is trying an experiment. It’s simple and inexpensive and we will be updating his results. Only 2 Ingredients There are only two ingredients needed: organic kefir and flax seeds. 1. The kefir: organic is highly recommended. I found a brand called B’More Organic and […]

A Garlic Cleanse? Seriously?
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Did you know that the ‘lowly’ garlic pod is brimming with healthful benefits? And none of them have the side effects of prescription drugs? (The drug IS the side effect, but that’s a different story!) Yet it’s inexpensive and readily available. What could be sweeter? So, my son and I are currently doing a 30 day […]

Get Rid of Your Wart at Midnight in a Graveyard
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If you have warts, you already know that the damn things are unsightly – to say the least. Naturally, we want to get rid of them and history has provided some fascinating folk remedies. Some of the funniest come from one of my heroes, Mark Twain. He certainly was so incredibly smart, witty and ‘quotable’. […]

3 Indigestion Fixes That Have Worked – So Far
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My son has been having problems with indigestion lately. The REAL solution is to change his eating habits but he’s unwilling to do that right now. So I’ve been helping him and the indigestion seems to have eased and even disappeared on most days. How is this magic accomplished, you wonder? Glad you asked. Fix […]

The Surprising Skincare Benefits of the Common Marigold Flower
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Most of us prefer natural treatments compared to synthesized and otherwise altered substances. To be fair, many miracles of modern medicine are a result of condensing the potent parts of flowers and other plants into pills. However, the closer we can get to the actual organic origin of medicinal power, the better. With every step […]

Healthy Cloves Aren’t Just For Christmas
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If you think cloves are a pleasant spice, useful around Christmas time, and forgotten the rest of the year, guess again because cloves have a lot of health benefits, too. The familiar cloves that we all know are actually the dried buds of evergreen trees native to Asia. Here are three powerful benefits. #1: According to […]

Eat Fennel For Menstrual Pain, Keen Vision and Bad Breath
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Fennel is a rather pretty plant that tastes like licorice, but is actually in the carrot family. It’s a perennial with yellow flowers and feather-like leaves and is quite pretty when flowering. It’s a sweet seed that is used in countless recipes because of its delicate flavor. But we’re more interested in its healthful uses so […]

Zap Yeasts and Bacteria With Star Anise
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Star anise is a spice that grows on evergreen trees common in China and Vietnam. It’s not unknown here in the western world, but neither is it common. It’s very aromatic and tastes like anise (duh! wonder why it’s called “star anise”?) or licorice, which I don’t like but many people do. If you’re one […]

The Amazing Power of Home Remedies
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Home remedies sound so … quaint. We picture a colonial mother gathering plants in the early morning to treat an ailing child or a pioneer woman hanging herbs from the rafters of her log cabin. But natural remedies have been the medicines of choice for the human race for tens of thousands of years. It’s […]