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Zap Yeasts and Bacteria With Star Anise
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Star anise is a spice that grows on evergreen trees common in China and Vietnam. It’s not unknown here in the western world, but neither is it common. It’s very aromatic and tastes like anise (duh! wonder why it’s called “star anise”?) or licorice, which I don’t like but many people do. If you’re one […]

The Amazing Power of Home Remedies
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Home remedies sound so … quaint. We picture a colonial mother gathering plants in the early morning to treat an ailing child or a pioneer woman hanging herbs from the rafters of her log cabin. But natural remedies have been the medicines of choice for the human race for tens of thousands of years. It’s […]

Use Honey For Herpes & Cold Sores + Wounds, Cuts, Acne and More
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Did you know that if you suffer from herpes or cold sores, your best remedy for painful sores may be … honey. Honey? How can such a common and ordinary substance be a powerful remedy for miserable and painful sores? In fact, it can be used to treat acne, wounds, cuts and sores of all […]

Breathing Problems? This Just Might Help
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If you have breathing problems, I feel your pain (if you’ll excuse an overused and tired cliche). I have mild adult asthma and often gasp for breath. But you don’t have to have a medical issue to notice that when you want to breathe, your breath is shallow, rather than deep. It’s an awful feeling … I […]

50 Top Home Remedies Blogs For 2015
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BlissPlan is honored to be included among the Top 50 Home Remedies Blogs For 2015. We’re in very elite company there – like the Farmers Almanac blog. The story chosen was one about massaging away nasal congestion. We appreciate this honor!

A Natural Remedy For Nasal Congestion
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Is there an adult on this beautiful planet who is a stranger to nasal congestion? Of course there are a ton of over-the-counter remedies for sinus congestion but they all have side effects, no matter how minor. Massage, however, cannot possibly do any harm so why not consider this simple, yet effective, home remedy for […]

A Natural Deodorant Without Aluminum Is Easy, Peasy – Only 2 Ingredients
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Using deodorant is doing the world a favor. I’ve been around folks who DON’T use deodorant and … eeeeeeuuuuuwwwww! But most of us know about the dangers of aluminum and many deodorants have aluminum in them, although it’s often disguised. So since we all love natural remedies on this site, let’s talk about how we can make […]

Healthy Ways to Deal With Anxiety
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We all feel anxious and stressed from time to time. We stress out about big work meetings or other significant events. We worry about whether or not we remembered to turn off the stove or if we left the heat on. These little stressors and anxieties are normal and, for most of us, are easy […]

39 Natural Remedies for the Nasty Common Cold
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One week ago, I put on a pair of shorts and cut the grass in our front yard. It was a bit chilly, but as I worked I warmed up and was (mostly) comfortable. Now, they’re predicting snow and ice here in Atlanta. And so it goes in the winter. Up – down – up […]

Duct Tape Is A Great Natural Remedy For Warts – Sometimes
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Let’s face it – warts are NOT a fun topic. How many times have you gone to lunch with a friend and said, “Hey, let’s talk about warts.” ;-) Still, getting rid of them IS of interest and some of the removers in the marketplace are quite toxic. But sometimes a piece of duct tape […]