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The Yoga Challenge: Yoga Types
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Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual science that originated on the Indian subcontinent over 4000 years ago. The Sanskrit word ”yoga” means concentration or contemplation and is often translated as ”union”. It is through the practice of yoga that you can unite mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not just an exercise system but […]

BRAT Diet: How BRAT Diet Food Rescued Me From Terrible Stomach Pain
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I love the BRAT diet!!! I had been having stomach aches – severe ones – for days. The kind of pain that has you lying on the couch groaning, whether audibly or not. For hours. Day after day. This went on for approximately a week – until last Friday, March 1. I had my usual […]

Tattoo: A Tattooing Primer For Anyone Considering A Tattoo
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The word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian word “tatu”, meaning to mark something. Tattoos’ historical significance, dating back to eras BC, was to indicate a person’s skill or position in society. Some superstitious cultures believed that they warded off evils. More commonly today, a tattoo may signify association with a group or subculture in […]

Why Are Pain Patches A Great Option For Arthritis?
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Pain patches have started to pick up in popularity and are an option for so many people around the world. This is why most patients are starting to incorporate the use of pain patches and believe this is the ultimate solution in their arsenal of pain relief solutions. If the goal is to deal with […]

3 Common Eyesight Conditions and Their Solutions
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The ability to see is, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts to humanity. It is amazing what people can accomplish with good eyesight. The world is becoming more complex; the ability to see is slowly becoming one of the major requirements in different sectors across the globe. For example, it is hard to […]

Affirmations For Weight Loss
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Our new Affirmations For Weight Loss ebook just might be the key you need for the slim, skinny, lean body you’re always dreaming about. I know from personal experience that affirmations CAN be – although they often aren’t – very powerful tools for creating anything at all. And when it comes to overweight I will […]

Back Pain At Work? From Work? About Work?
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What do these occupations have in common? * Clerks and programmers * Athletes and waiters * Factory and construction workers * Farmers Cannot think of a common factor? Well, all these entail back pain in one way or another. It does not matter whether you are sedentary or up and about all day. Work can […]

Breaking the Habit of Addiction
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Drug addiction is rampant throughout the United States, with many addicted to some form of prescription or illicit drug. Most people know or have known someone who needs help, or perhaps you have battled with addiction in the past. While it’s not easy to go through or even to break out of the habit, there […]

Natural Remedies for an Earache
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I am pretty sure that most everybody has had an earache at least one time in their life and you know as well as I do they can be a very painful, uncomfortable, and irritable condition to have. Earaches can make it very hard to sleep, can take on associated symptoms such as headaches, swollen […]

Natural Remedies For a Sore Throat
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A sore throat can be a very painful and irritating condition for many people. There are many symptoms associated with a sore throat such as loss of voice, redness, dryness, coughing, clogged nasal passages, and swallowing difficulty. Although there are many home remedies you can try to ease your symptoms from a sore throat you […]