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Aerobic Step Equipment For Home Convenience?
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Spring is almost upon us and perhaps you’ve decided it’s way past time get in shape? If so, you might want to think about purchasing your own aerobic step equipment to use at home. There are more than one reasons for buying your own home machine and the first is that you can get a […]

What Is the “Right” Diet?
Categories: Health, Weight Loss

If you google the word “diet” or nearly anything related to dieting or fat burning, have you got any notion the number of plans are going to come up? You’d come across the South Beach, Biggest Loser or Atkins Diet, memberships like Weight Watchers or high-priced plans like Jenny Craig and a host of additional […]

How to Support a Loved One With Advanced Illness
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Some of the worst news you can receive is learning about a loved one being diagnosed with an advanced illness. When you learn of this, you don’t know how much pain and suffering your loved one will go through, or even if they’ll live through the ordeal. However, during this tough time, it is extremely […]

DIY Cough Syrup Recipe Southern Style
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If you want to make your own cough syrup that is actually tasty – yet works – consider “Paw Paw Garrett’s Homemade Cough Syrup”. It’s simple, too, not to mention inexpensive. Ingredients 🌟Peppermint candy 🌟Honey 🌟Lemon slices 🌟Bourbon Directions Grab a small mason jar or canning jar and add: 💛Some broken up peppermint pieces – […]

Flossing or Not Flossing: A PAINFUL Experience
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To floss or not to floss: that isn’t the question! Not anymore. I am very conscientious about caring for my teeth. I even use both an electric AND manual toothbrush. But I read a publication about flossing which resulted in a very PAINFUL experience. The author said that flossing was a bummer of an idea. […]

Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural & Powering Up Your Immune System
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I’m a huge fan of author, teacher and scientist Joe Dispenza. He’s written four books and I’ve devoured them all. Each one is loaded with fascinating and valuable information and I’ve read them all multiple times but I have to vote for his newest book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon, as […]

Mother Nature’s Answer to Menopause
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Whether women like it or not, menopause will be a part of their lives. At some point between 40 to 50 years of age, women will start experiencing symptoms of perimenopause or the stage when the body begins producing less estrogen. This dramatic transition that can last for a few months to years goes along […]

Cancer Treatment: If You Or A Loved One Has This Dread Dis-ease, Read Two Articles Before Making A Decision About Treatment
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If you need cancer treatment, here are two articles I suggest reading. Not just reading, but understanding. I’ve read them and don’t have this awful disease but would think long and hard if I did have it. The first one is Chemotherapy is the Worst Thing You Can Do (November 22, 2019). One image was […]

5 Risk Factors for a Difficult Aging Process
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1. Skipping the SPF Sure, a sunkissed glow might make you look and feel amazing for a few hours… but in the long run, soaking up the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays isn’t a good idea. Here’s why: sun exposure makes the plump, youthful collagen in our skin degenerate faster. Plus, some dermatologists believe that the […]

Exercise For Back Pain: Good Idea Or Not?
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Surprising as it may seem, exercise can actually help alleviate back pain. Initially, one may think that exercise can be a cause of back pain. This may be true only in cases when proper exercise tips are not followed. Take into mind that exercise requires warm ups, gradual transition into routines and cool downs. Foregoing […]