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10 Clear Thinking Techniques To Boost Your Creative Thinking
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There are a bazillion words written about how to raise our IQ, how to be more intelligent, how to increase our ‘creativity thinking’. Actually, though, we can achieve wonders with the brain power we already have just by learning to think clearly. Yes, it’s nice to be ‘smarter’ but clear thinking is much more achievable […]

21 Ways To Get Rid Of Ugly Brown Spots On Your Skin
Categories: Natural Remedies

Let’s face it: we humans are vain and so we want to remove age spots whenever the darned things appear. But the truth is that calling those ugly brown spots “age spots” is inaccurate. Instead, what we need to do is fade “dark spots”, because they are actually large, sun induced freckles with no relation […]

Jukari Makes Working Out Exciting
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Is your workout routine getting dull? Are you looking for a change of pace while still getting a good workout? Do you enjoy getting airborne and learning new ways to move your body? If you enjoy full body workouts, consider Jukari. It makes working out exciting. What Is Jukari? Jukari is actually a collaborative effort […]

Hoopilates: A Children’s Toy Becomes A Serious Exercise Accessory
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  Every so often a new workout or fitness program is developed. Some of them are fun and provide great results. One such program is called Hoopilates. A combination of hooping and Pilates, it’s a hot new workout you can enjoy and benefit from. Hooping 101 Hooping is artistic movement or dance with hoops. The […]

Barefoot Running: Really Barefoot or With Running “Socks”?
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Have you ever heard of barefoot running? It’s a growing trend. In fact, thousands of people are turning in their running shoes and enjoying running free. If you like to run or have ever considered running, check out barefoot running. And be sure to read our tips for safer running. What Is Barefoot Running? Barefoot […]

The Benefits Of Beans: 9 Reasons Why YOU Should Eat Beans
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The benefits of beans are so numerous that we can’t say enough in praise of a beans diet. Healthy beans are so outstanding that only green vegetables come close as a valuable food source. Beans are so loaded with nutrition and taste that we’ve listed nine reasons below to devour huge quantities of beans – […]

2 Healthy Dog Food Recipes That Dogs Really, Really Like
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I don’t have any dogs, but my daughter has two of them and wanted to start feeding them healthier food. So she experimented with various recipes and found two that her spoiled canines really, really like. So I’m sharing those delicious (to dogs, anyway) recipes here for others who might be concerned about the additives […]

The Yoga Challenge: Yoga At Home
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If you’re going to do yoga at home, it might help to get a feel for a ‘typical’ session, although your sessions should always be tailored specifically for YOU. The following yoga session is based upon the particularly gentle form called Sivananda yoga and is suitable for complete beginners as well as for more experienced […]

The Yoga Challenge: Your Yoga Workout
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Yoga poses are the way they are because is a holistic discipline and balance is therefore central to it. During a yoga workout, equal time is allocated to breathing, asanas, relaxation and meditation so that mind, body and brain are given equal importance. All of the asanas complement one another with muscles working in groups […]

The Yoga Challenge: Yoga Poses
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There are sooooooooo many yoga poses and disciplines, that it can be bewildering to even get started. For instance, I know I would hate “hot yoga” which is currently very popular. I don’t like heat, especially moist heat, I despise saunas and avoid climates that are even semi-tropical as best I can. Doing yoga in […]