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Milk & Weight Loss: Myth Or Reality?
Categories: Weight Loss

Are milk and weight loss truly kissing cousins? Recent claims by the dairy industry would make it appear so. Headlines loudly proclaim "Milk: The Weight Loss Miracle Drink" and stars posing for ads with a milk moustache include Glenn Close, Mariska Hargitay and Sheryl Crow. The most recent campaign includes a fabulous picture of Brooke […]

Vision Headaches Cause Visual Distortions and Hallucinations
Categories: Natural Remedies

Everyone has heard of migraine headaches, but not many people are familiar with a type of migraine that is preceded by a condition called “aura” (also known as vision headaches). The aura phase consists of visual distortions that usually plague the migraineur just before the actual vision headache. During aura, a person may see flashing […]

The Benefits Of Juicing – And The Misery, Too – Of Cleansing The Body With Juice
Categories: Natural Remedies

I was recently interviewed on the benefits of juicing by the author of an upcoming book called Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve been juicing for years and hope that my experiences might be of use to anyone considering juicing. My Nomination For The Best Juicer For a couple of years I used the Juiceman Juicer but I […]

Headaches, Nausea and Dizziness: A Miserable Combination
Categories: Natural Remedies

Did you know that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from migraines? Of these people, it is estimated that around 80% suffer from headaches and nausea, or headaches and dizziness. My husband is one of these people. For him, the nausea and dizziness are more debilitating than the pain itself. In fact, sometimes he […]

Best Work Out Videos & The Best Work Out DVDs
Categories: Anti-Aging, Health

Since you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re interested in losing weight. In our culture the two "mainstays" of weight loss are diet and exercise. If you’re too busy [or too tired] to get to a gym or if the cost is too high, then you might want to exercise at home. If […]

The Ginseng Plant In The Energy Drink Market
Categories: Natural Remedies

The energy drink market is a booming business in the uS. Millions of people are seemingly addicted and one of the primary energy drink ingredients if the ginseng plant. I enjoy the TV show NCIS and one of its characters is a goth lab tech named Abb,y played by Pauley Perrette. She attended a party […]

Visualization Techniques: Hypnosis & Weight Loss
Categories: Weight Loss

At one time, the notion that we could lose weight through our minds seemed exceedingly odd. However, today no one is surprised by this idea. But what kinds of visualization techniques are effective for losing weight? Clearly the answer depends upon each individual person since we all come from different experiences and different backgrounds. This […]

Migraine Causes A Scientific Mystery… Until Now!
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you have ever suffered from a migraine, I’m willing to bet that you tried your hardest to learn the cause of that agonizing headache. I know I did. My first migraine was 12 years ago, and the pain was so intense that I thought, “I cannot bear to let that happen ever again!” I […]

Natural Remedies For Allergies (Instead Of Heavy Duty Drugs!)
Categories: Natural Remedies

Atlanta is having a gorgeous spring. The flowers and trees and budding and bursting forth with blooms, the weather is dry and pleasant with highs in the low 70s and 40s at night and … well, the flowers are blooming. That’s really bad news for millions of allergy sufferers. If that’s you, are you suffering, […]

Effects Of Second Hand Smoke & What We Ought To Do About Them
Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

The harmful effect of second hand smoke have become so clear that there is a huge effort in many countries to limit the exposure to this dangerous substance. Personally, I’m all about freedom to make our decisions, no matter how smart or how stupid they are. So if a person wants to smoke – go […]