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Using Natural Honey As A Home Cure
Categories: Natural Remedies

The benefits of natural honey are well documented but one of the most … suspicious (to me, anyway) … is that it can heal sores. I was getting a tiny sore at one corner of my mouth and decided to put raw honey on the sore to see what happened. I am happy to report […]

Antibacterial Soap: Good Idea Or Not?
Categories: Natural Remedies

On your next trip to the grocery or drugstore, you might notice that the majority of soaps on the shelves are labeled as anti-bacterial. We have been bombarded with propaganda about these soaps and most of us believe they are better for us. But, truly, we need to ask what bacteria an antibacterial soap kills […]

Future Investions: Future Technologies By Ray Kurzweil
Categories: Natural Remedies

Want to know what the future holds? what future inventions are coming our way? what future technologies are on the horizon? Ray Kurzweil has some answers and it’s truly a stunning vision. While the rest of us are mucking around in gloom and doom, worrying about recessions and depressions, he says life is getting better. […]

Home Remedy For A Toothache: Natural Remedies For The Ghastly Pain Of Toothaches
Categories: Natural Remedies

A toothache is just plain torture. Not only is it excruciating, but it takes over your life. And as much as we love natural remedies on this blog, it’s true that a home remedy for a toothache is really only a temporary measure when it’s Thanksgiving morning and your dentist won’t be available till Monday. […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup Foods Loaded With Deadly Mercury
Categories: Health

Two alarming studies have recently revealed the presence of deadly mercury in high fructose corn syrup foods. + When testing samples of high fructose corn syrup foods almost ONE THIRD contained mercury + Testing for high fructose corn syrup itself revealed the presence of mercury in almost HALF of the samples This is especially alarming […]

Natural Remedies For Fibroid Treatment: What You Can Try Before Drugs & Cutting!
Categories: Natural Remedies

Yes, there certainly arenatural remedies for fibroids treatment, although of course there are no guarantees. The medical profession almost always reaches for the prescription pad first, so there’s no harm in trying something less toxic before using drugs. Some of these natural remedies just might: 1. Slow fibroid growth … 2. Reduce or even eliminate […]

Native American Herbal Remedies & The Power To Heal
Categories: Natural Remedies

The Native American medicine tradition hasn't gotten as much publicity as either the healing traditions of India [Ayurveda] or that of China [TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine]. This is truly a shame for many reasons – but especially because the Native American plants grow on this continent, rather than thousands of miles away. Naturally this […]

6 Natural Remedies For Mental Depression
Categories: Natural Remedies

Most sufferers from mental depression might eventually believe that relief from their depression is hopeless. But there are natural treatments that might be of aid to sufferers – especially if drugs haven't helped at all. One thing is certain …home remedies like those below certainly won't hurt anyone the way drugs can and do and […]

Aluminum Free Deodorant = A Prudent [VERY Prudent] Choice
Categories: Natural Remedies

An aluminum free deodorant is a very, VERY wise choice. In the last few years, we ordinary, non-chemist, nothing-to-gain-financially types have become very aware of the potential dangers of aluminum in our bodies. There has been a lot of talk about a relationship between aluminum and Alzheimers, although that speculation has been under heavy attack […]

Choose High Energy Food And Forget The Caffeine!
Categories: Natural Remedies

Just about everyone needs a boost of energy from time to time. But consider this — reaching for that shot of caffeine isn’t necessarily your best choice, so sorry, but if you choose high energy food you will be healthier and more energetic. In fact, we know ways to naturally boost your energy when ‘tired’ […]