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Avid Athlete? How To Repair Sore Muscles And Injuries
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There are many ways that an avid athlete can more quickly repair sore muscles and injuries, and by taking several important steps, an athlete can ensure that their muscles always heal very swiftly. Eat More Protein Many people do not realize the importance of eating a large amount of protein every day. Protein helps muscles […]

Bike Your Way to the Weight Loss Finish Line
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Everyone knows how much of a challenge trying to lose a few pounds can be. The truth is, most of us know exactly what we have to do to lose that weight. Every expert in the world recommends some kind of exercise. To lose your excess body fat, you should be doing cardio regularly but […]

Golfing for Your Health: Yes, it’s Possible
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Did you know that the game of golf benefits your health tremendously? The next time your wife gives you a hard time for spending too much time at the course, be sure to remind her that your golfing habits are making your life better. Many companies will ship golf clubs to you so that you […]

10 Body Building Myths That Many Beginners Fall For
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Too many myths about bodybuilding have been created in the last several years. While a few of them may be close to the truth, many of them are groundless. Believing and acting upon those myths can not only hamper your bodybuilding but also lead to weight gain. Let us take a look at the top […]

Personal Trainers On The Rise
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There is no denying the benefits of a regular fitness routine. This contributes to heart health and lowers the risk of cancer, plus exercise is a top way to manage your weight. With so many types of exercises, there is an activity to suit your preference. Some people prefer traditional workouts such as cardio, whereas […]

How to Work Out on a Budget: 8 Ways to Start Today
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Working out is fun (most of the time), but spending money on gym memberships is not fun at all, and I'm sure you can relate to that! Anyways. There are ways to work out on a budget, and what's even better is that you can do most of the exercises at home, or at the […]

Finding the Perfect Bike
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A bicycle can be a wonderful way to get in shape, have fun with friends, and explore new places in your town. If the last bike you owned was pink and had streamers, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed by all the awesome bikes out there. Some of the most common types you’ll see include cruisers, […]

10 Highly Effective Biceps Exercises
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Perhaps the most toned and elegant female biceps ever belonged to Linda Hamilton in “Terminator 2”. Who can forget watching her easily, yet slowly, lift her entire body in elegant pull-ups as her biceps flexed? To develop this kind of upper body strength requires powerful workouts and “Fitness” magazine suggests top 10 bicep exercises that […]

Using Elastic Exercise Bands for More Powerful Sit-Ups
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Sit-ups build powerful abdominal muscles, a flat stomach and a stronger lower back. But if incorrectly done, the hip flexor muscles are used instead of the abs. If you increase the difficulty of your situps by keeping your feet flat on the floor, forcing your abs to work harder, you will use the correct muscles […]

3 Exercises to Prevent Knee Injury
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We seemingly hear news about knee injuries everyday. Some famous athlete or rising star gets sidelined due to torn ACLs or MCLs. It has become an everyday occurrence that is part of competing in sports. According to some experts there has been a rise of knee injuries in the last decade. This might be because […]