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The Jack of All Trades – An Intro to General Physical Preparedness
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Whether you’re a serious athlete, first responder, health fanatic, or just one of those weekend warriors, everyone has one thing in common: everybody has to deal with a thing called Life. When it comes to living life, you don’t always know what you’re going to come up against, so it’s a good idea to be […]

Lose Weight and Have Fun: 4 Mobile Apps that Turn Getting Fit into Play
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Did you know that mobile apps can help you get fit? Not only can they get you in better shape, they can help you have fun while you're doing it! There are a variety of mobile applications for Android, iOS and other platforms that will keep you set on your goals, remind you when it's to […]

4 Fitness Fads That Have Damaged The Health Of Some People
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Exercise is a well-known way to stay healthy both mentally and physically. To maintain a high fitness level there are many different types of exercise. So many in fact, that it makes it difficult to know which is best for your needs. For this reason, many people turn to the latest fad filled with promises […]

More Than A Passing Trend? 6 Tips For Barefoot Running
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The barefoot running trend is growing in popularity as more and more runners are going au natural when hitting the trail. If you are thinking of joining the pact, we provide below six tips for a safe journey. 1. Watch the mileage. A frequent complaint of those just starting to run barefoot is “top of […]

Exercise Tips for Seniors: How to Stay Active and Healthy
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Exercise is as essential to seniors as it to young people. Be inspired and check out how to stay active by doing these simple activities and exercises. Stretch For Flexibility Don’t let your flexibility diminish as you age. Take a few minutes every day to stretch and keep your joints fluid and flexible. Using a […]

5 Most Common Running Mistakes
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If you are someone who loves to run it's very important to know that there are at least 5 common running mistakes that most people make without knowing. It's pretty easy to make mistakes while running because you can't get out of yourself and see how you run. Unless you'r econstantly running alongside a full […]

3 Extremely Powerful Fat Burning Exercises
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Exercising offers incredible benefits. Three are especially powerful as fat burning exercises and will give you the optimum results – and an amazing looking body. Any exercise that increases your heart rate is going to burn fat and keep it burning throughout the day. These three exercises are designed to target unwanted fat in both […]

How Yoga Training Can Help Reduce Injury
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If you have been involved with fitness for some time, then chances are you are quite familiar with yoga training. But for most people, we tend to assume it’s either for hippies or soccer moms and pass it by because it looks too slow or that it may not have much benefit. But did you […]

The Perfect American Workout – C25K
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The majority of Americans nowadays are not only overweight, but morbidly obese! Even with a gym membership it can still be difficult for people to lose weight. Here’s the perfect workout for anyone who is 300+ pounds: the Couch-to-5k-Workout! The Couch-to-5K-Workout, also known as the C25K, only requires you to exercise an hour a week. […]

Are Elliptical Trainers Better Than Good Old Treadmills?
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Treadmills have been among the first choices of gym equipment for people who enjoy working in the comfort of their own home. However, this short guide would like to point out that the elliptical trainer is just as efficient, even though it has not been on the market as long. Consequentially, before you head out […]