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To Stretch: 10 Tips For Stretching Your Body For Superb Conditioning
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When you see a man or a woman who is so superbly conditioned that they could be a model for the fit human body, they may seem to be solid, hard, like a rock. And, indeed, some are. There are passionate bodybuilders who are literally unable to raise their arms above their head – but, […]

8 Reasons To Exercise (Even When You Don’t Want To)
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If you're unhappy with the condition of your body, most likely you have toyed with the idea of becoming physically fit. But creating a strong, lean and healthy body requires major lifestyle changes and the majority of people don't stick with it. We need motivation to exercise so how can you avoid this sad group […]

Fitness Trackers: Fitness Journal
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So far we've reviewed two fitness trackers: 1) Daily Burn and 2) Daily Mile. Today we add our last fitness tracker review: Fitness Journal. It's important to note that, unlike the other two, Fitness Journal has no free options. It's a leading fitness site based on paid subscriptions only. The cost ranges from $7.95 per month to […]

Fitness Trackers: Daily Mile Review
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Daily Mile [] is a fitness tracker but it’s very different from Daily Burn which we recently reviewed. Yes, it’s a spot to keep an online training log but it’s much more of a social networking site than is Daily Burn. When we’re exercising we can sometimes be isolated. Our family, co-workers and friends may […]

How To Bulk Up Without Gaining Fat
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If you want to know how to bulk up, you might be murky about bulking up – without gaining fat. When we first commit to becoming super physically fit, we may not have a clear idea of what we need to do to become the "perfect human body" (if there is such a thing). When […]

Stretching Exercises For Back Pain
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Back pain is Hell On Earth as you already know if you've suffered from this excruciating misery. Traditional remedies can even extend to major drugs and "the knife" of the operating room. Even though you might think it's a big painful at first, stretching is the first remedy to try as today's guest author suggests. […]

11 Health and Fitness Tips From The Great Bill Pearl, Part 2
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Bill Pearl has forgotten more about physical fitness than most of us will ever know. So we continue with our series of great health and fitness tips (11 Health and Fitness Tips From The Great Bill Pearl, Part 1). 6. Rest Periods Are NOT 'Goofing Off' Be sure to rest whenever it's recommended. Resting is […]

11 Health and Fitness Tips From The Great Bill Pearl, Part 1
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Motivational superstar Tony Robbins insists that "modeling" is the surest and most efficient way to achieve any goal whether it concerns health and fitness, money or relationships. What he means is that we should find someone who is an expert in what we want to achieve and 'model' our behavior on theirs. This is Robbins […]

Balance Ball Beginners DVD with Suzanne Deason
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The balance ball is an exceedingly cool tool! I have one and use it often – especially for my abs, which are always a problem area. Have you ever done a set of crunches? They suck. At least, I think so. But a balance ball makes them more fun – and more powerful and the […]

Bodybuilding & Fitness Center
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There is an intense interest in both bodybuilding and fitness in our country. Body building is especially interesting because it used to be just for young guys, but no longer. There are lots of women and older men who invest the time to create a fabulous body. I admit that I'm not a fan of […]