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4 Low Calorie & Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes
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There used to be a commercial that went, “Salads are great for watching your weight …” but we can blow the value of a salad with the dressing. Here are four salad dressing recipes (although one of them contains only one ingredient :-) that won’t pile on the fat and calories. Choose these instead of […]

5 Reasons To Avoid Promise-Them-Everything Fad Diets
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Fad diets are so incredibly tempting, aren’t they? Just follow these simple steps and poof! Magically, you’ve dropped weight and look fabulous! Unfortunately, the results are always temporary. In fact, much of the “weight” you lose on fad diets is water weight, NOT FAT. If you’re still not convinced that fad diets are ineffective at […]

Vegetarian Chili Recipe From CALORIE HELL!
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I was just reading a supposed diet/weight loss article from Woman’s World magazine that recommends vegetarian chili for weight loss. OK, pay attention here because I think this is horrifyingly amazing: “In pan over medium heat, saute 2 cups chopped onion in 1/2 cup olive oil until onions are translucent.” Onions Do NOT Need Olive […]

My Wheat Free Diet Diary: 14 Pounds Gone The First Month
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I committed to one month (June) of trying a wheat free, gluten free lifestyle, after I read Wheat Belly. It’s officially one month now and I am thrilled to report my results. 1. First, I’ve lost an astounding 14 pounds!!! If you find that hard to believe, your astonishment is nothing compared to mine. After all […]

4 Weight Loss Plans to Avoid at All Costs
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Due to an unhealthy diet of fast and fatty foods packed with preservatives and other nutritional nasties, many people find themselves with a desire and a need for weight loss. Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced society, many people who are overweight attempt to employ dangerous diets and shortcuts to help them reach their weight loss goals. […]

Fitness Workouts: Who Cares What Other People Think?
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Is the way you think you are perceived by others at the gym keeping you from going? You notice I said “the way you think you are perceived . . .” Most of the time, the other people at the gym couldn’t care less about how you look or what you are doing – they […]

6 Benefits of Strength Training
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While there are many weight loss and fitness benefits from strength training, none is quite as beneficial as what it does to improve your health. In fact, the benefits of strength training go far beyond the effort required to actually make the effort.  Research and numerous studies have all shown that one of the biggest […]

A Delicious Diet Soup Recommendation
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A recent Woman's World magazine issue offered a recipe for a diet soup. They insist that we can eat goodies and still lose up to 11 pounds per week as long as we eat this soup for one meal each day. There are all kinds of claims in the article and I don't know if […]

Visualization For Weight Loss
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If you've ever been a roller coaster dieter who loses weight – gains it back – loses weight again – gains it back (and more), then you know that's a bummer of a deal. Instead, you need permanent weight loss and one way to achieve just that is using visualization for weight loss. Until approximately […]

Overeating & Binge Eating In Front Of The TV
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Yeah, yeah, we all know that healthy eating habits OUGHT to be important to us – but following through seems almost impossible. The lure of the donut, the cake, the cookies, the Doritos and dip seems just too strong. Especially in the moment. But if we want the rewards that come with sane eating habits […]