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Home Security Features Your Family Should Have this Summer
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Home security is important to all of us. Crime is always present and in our current horrible economy it’s even more of a problem. I live in an upscale development but our neighborhood newsletter now mentions nearby crimes in every issue. Syliva, our guest author today has some good advice for all of us. More […]

Home Security: Don’t Let YOUR Home Be a Target
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Our guest author today is an expert on home security and any advice for keeping our families safe is very welcome. Watch the evening news for about five minutes and see if you don't feel uneasy. Yes, the media exploits our fears but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take precautions. Foil the Bad Guys! […]

Women And Safety: Women’s Safety Tips
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Women and safety are an important topic in any century – but particularly in ours when we live in large cities and are practically on top of each other. Women’s safety is a particular problem, of course, because we are more likely to be targeted than men are. Safety for women is the responsibility of […]