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Merry Christmas 2013
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Handle Your Stress Challenges With Stretching
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Stress is much easier to achieve (as if any of us want to be stressed!) when your body is tense and tight so consider limbering up a bit. The Journal of Physical Activity and Health reports that simply stretching for 20 minutes before any challenge – like taking a test or facing an important client or […]

Totally Compelling Reasons To Be Grateful On Thanksgiving Day
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If there is any habit we should all be cultivating, it’s gratitude and Thanksgiving Day is a particularly potent reminder of the power in being grateful. Rhonda Byrne, Creator of the phenomenally successful movie The Secret, has also written several books and my favorite by far is The Magic, which is about gratitude. So let […]

Finding Happiness In 6 Unusual Ways
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Since the word “bliss” is the title of this blog, it’s no surprise that finding happiness is a subject of great interest to all of us at A recent Woman’s World magazine has some really intriguing ideas for increasing our happiness and I thought I would share some of them right here. 1. The […]

Today Is The First Day of Autumn!
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Today is the 22nd of September, the first day of autumn (in the northern hemisphere, of course). Why am I blogging about it? Because I LOVE FALL! I feel so alive, so energized. The thought of cooler temps and dry air and glorious leaves perks me up immeasurably. I just loaded a “live” Halloween screensaver […]

9 Reasons Why You Need More Bliss In Your Life
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Bliss. Who doesn't want more bliss in their lives? Some synonyms for bliss are "utter joy, contentment, ecstasy, euphoria, cloud nine, seventh heaven or walking on air". The problem is that most people think bliss just 'sort of happens" – or not. Usually not. In other words, they think they have little or no control […]

Appreciation: How To Change Your Life TODAY By Appreciating What You See
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Do you realize that you are swimming in a sea of blessings? Sure, you have problems but the truth is that there are many more things 'right' with your life than 'wrong' with it. The problem is that we take those blessings for granted and just don't notice – which is our loss. Appreciation is […]

Peak Experiences For Cats, Too? Of Course!
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We've been talking about having peak experiences brought on by nature through the use of bird watching. However, it's important to remember that we're not the only species on the planet that enjoys peak experiences. We've turned our backyard into a "bird watching stage" simply by throwing wild bird seed out onto the back patio. […]

How Can We Lead a Stress-Free Life?
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About fifty years ago, my father lead an unhappy life in Albuquerque. He used to sell anything he could lay his hands on, from flowers and stickers to furniture and cars. He didn’t have anybody to lean on and lost his parents early in life. I am proud of him because he came up in life […]

The Law of Attraction: Why You Still Need To Work Hard
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In the Law of Attraction niche, the masters talk about letting go of trying too hard and struggling because we don't have to. It's a waste of energy. The Universe will help us make our desires a reality. We just need to take "inspired action". This is actually true in my own life. Back when […]