The hCG Diet

Aren't You Damn Tired of Being Fat, Feeling Exhausted & Bloated And Hating The Way Clothes Look in the Dressing Room Mirror?

The hCG diet skyrocketed to fame when Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, a star on the Jersey Shore reality show, announced that her gorgeous, fit body was the result of the hCG diet. This now-famous weight loss plan has been used by other stars, like Britney Spears and Jersey Shore Snookie and has been featured on Fox News and Oprah.

The reason it's the hottest diet in America is that we can lose lose of weight in a hurry. In fact, if you don't have at least 10 pounds to lose, it's probably not right for you.

Here are its advantages:

You will lose weight quickly (which keeps you motivated) but you won't want to eat the wallpaper because you're starving.

New research shows that starving ourselves causes our metabolism to slow down – exactly what we don't want to happen. Blessed hCG will keep you feeling full while burning fat so that your metabolism doesn't get lazy.

The hCG diet targets the fat around your organs and your tummy.

Did you know that some fat is good (hard though that might be to believe)? We need some fat for energy and some for protection. We don't want to get rid of this kind of fat.

But that stuff around our organs, on our abdomen and clogging our arteries … well, it's not only ugly – it's dangerous.

Your weight loss will be quick.

Lots of diet 'experts' insist that losing weight too quickly isn't "safe" but that's not true when you use hCG drops. Muscle loss, bone loss, and vitamin loss won't occur with the hCG diet because hCG is a natural substance, produced by the body, which encourages it to burn fat above all else.

You only diet in short phases – nothing long term.

The calorie count is low so it's not a long-term diet. Instead, you diet for a brief time, then take a rest from the diet and return later if you need to lose more weight.

There is a maintenance phase that ensures the pounds won't come rushing back the day you quit the diet – and it includes GOODIES!

I don't know anyone who can 'stay on a diet' forever. Do you? And usually when we quit the pounds come racing back and we weigh more than when we started. The hCG diet, though, has that covered and to transition back into regular life you can eat wonderful food like:

  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Cereal
  • Potatoes
  • Rice

A six week phase will allow you to lose approximately 40 pounds.

In three weeks you should have dropped two dress sizes while six weeks will drop around 40 pounds, according to hCG research.

hCG Isn't Manufactured In A Chemistry Lab – It Naturally Occurs In The Human Body


While drops and injections have been created to help introduce the hormone into your body, this isn’t something humans invented – it is created naturally in the bodies of pregnant women.

But hCG is perfectly safe for men, as well as women who have never been pregnant.

And while many diets have doctors raising their eyebrows or shaking their heads at the fad factors involved, the hCG diet has been widely accepted by the medical community – and many doctors are prescribing the drops for their own patients!

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And much, much more!

You Have a Choice to Make Today…

CHOICE #1: you're reading this because you're unsuccessful with your weight loss (why else would you bother). You can continue in the same old unsatisfactory way.

Or you can share the excitement of the hottest diet plan on planet Earth and make an informed decision about whether this plan is right for YOU. Not me, the doctor, your mom or your best bud. You.

What'll it be?

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BONUSES: Print out the three worksheets below:

The "Diet Preparation Checklist": make sure you have everything you need to get started on Day 1

The "Weekly Menu Worksheet": Figure out your menus for the week so there's no uncertainty and you won't be caught unprepared

The "hCG Diet Daily Journal":

  • Record your food and snacks every day so that you don't make mistakes and can observe what works best for you
  • Record your weight and track the pounds you've lost
  • Record your measurements in five key areas and watch as your body slims down
  • Record your daily thoughts and feelings so that your awareness grows and your control strengthens

P.S. Isn't it time to stop hating your body and instead look great in a pair of jeans?