3 Popular Indian Herbs for Joint Paint, Insomnia and Stress Banishment

Indian medicine, ayurveda, has been around for thousands of years and so it’s no surprise that they have discovered many used for their traditional herbs, teas and food. Here are three winners that you might want to consider.

INSOMNIA: invite deep sleep with Masala chai tea like that pictured left. Masala chai, a sweet tea brimming with aromatic spices, is enjoyed as a refreshing hot drink in India and as a delicious way to soothe frazzled nerves and relax away worries. According to researchers at UCLA, drinking this luscious brew at bedtime helps ensure that you feel sleepy within 20 minutes.

SORE JOINTS: soothe sore joints with sesame oil. For hundreds of years women in India have been massaging aching arthritic joints with a daily dab of sesame oil. According to an Indian research team, this trick actually reduces joint swelling and pain by as much as 45%, results that are comparable to many prescription and OTC pain-killing medicines. Two compounds in the oil work to shut down inflammation and soothe frazzled nerves.

DEPRESSION, STRESS, ANXIETY: cheer up with holy basil. Holy basil is revered in India for its ability to quash anxiety and boost joy. It increases mood-boosting serotonin, claims Christine Horner, MD, author of Waking the Warrior Goddess. Try taking 450 milligrams to 900 milligrams daily to ease blue moods and depression within two months.

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