What, Exactly, Is An Asthma Nebulizer?

I have asthma but it’s definitely “adult onset asthma” because it just started in 2011. My earlier years were blessedly asthma free. I went to a doctor and her recommendations don’t suit me – primarily steroids. No way, no how! So I just tough it out and practice all kinds of breathing techniques. Still, at times it’s really rough and I sympathize with those who go the medical route.

One of the most-used asthma devices is a nebulizer. An asthma nebulizer is a device intended to change liquid asthma medications into a fine spray for better absorption rate. They are commonly used for all those who can’t, for whatever reason, use MDIs or other inhalers. Asthma nebulizers are usually used in case of small children (under the age of 3) and sometimes for elderly patients.

How To Use An Asthma Nebulizer

Using an asthma nebulizer is relatively easy. Just make sure to follow the steps below.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the asthma nebulizer and make sure that your equipment is 100% clean.

2. In the case of multi-use medicine bottles, use a dropper to administer the right dose; in case of a single use medicine bottle make sure that you have pressed the whole bottle into the asthma nebulizer’s cup.

3. Connect the parts of the nebulizer and add a mask or a mouthpiece.

4. Turn on the compressor; while the asthma nebulizer works, keep it in upright position to prevent the medication from spilling.

5. When everything is ready, put a mouthpiece into your mouth and close your lips around it; if you use a mask, make sure it fits before you start inhalation.

6. While inhaling, hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds for the medication to be absorbed properly.

7. Exhale slowly; repeat the procedure (inhale-10 second hold-exhale slowly) until all the medication is gone from the asthma nebulizer’s cup.

Remember that using an asthma nebulizer requires some patience. Fortunately, the ease of use makes it possible for almost anyone to use these powerful treatment aids.

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