Back Pain? 5 Commonsense Home Remedies For Back Pain Relief

If you have back pain, these five tips for back pain relief without medications or costly doctor’s visits. But be aware that these are LONG TERM remedies. They won’t provide instant relief. Still, even though they’re mostly common sense, if you don’t have a plan, a strategy, you will be at the mercy of agonizing pain at unpredictable intervals. Change is hard but excruciating pain is worse so takes these home remedies to heart.

1. Improve your posture. Sitting up straight can help you to strengthen your back muscles and get rid of the causes of back pain.

Years ago I took lessons in a skill called the Alexander technique and I’ve forgotten much of it but one learning was very, very powerful. I used to have horrible posture. My mom was always telling me to “sit up straight”. I would – but a few seconds later I would forget and be slumped over again. What I learned from Alexander is that ‘sitting up straight’ isn’t the correct instruction. Instead, imagine your head being pulled up into the sky so that you are stretching out or lengthening. My teacher talked about hanging from a hook but I didn’t like that image so I’ve imagined hanging from sunbeams. Regardless of what works for you, think ‘lengthen’ rather than ‘sit up straight’.

2. Improve your diet. Eat healthy foods that help to reduce inflammation. This can greatly reduce that amount of pain that you are feeling.

3. Relax your mind. By spending some time meditating or relaxing, you can relax your mind and your body. This will help you control your pain.

4. Get a good amount of sleep. Sleep helps your body to recover, so getting at least 8 hours per night is best.

5. Get plenty of exercise. Exercise not only improves your back strength, it also improves your overall health. Exercise at least 3 times per week to get the best effect.

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