Can Vitex Really Help You Become Pregnant?

Vitex, also known as Chasteberry, has been hailed as the miracle drug that can help regulate menstrual cycles and promote ovulation. Fans of the natural dietary supplement call it “the herbal Clomid,” Clomid being a well-known fertility drug.

But, how effective is Vitex? Can it really help improve fertility? Is it a viable alternative to expensive and sometimes invasive fertility procedures? The answer is maybe.

Vitex has been used for centuries throughout Asia for treating a variety of gynecological and menstrual problems. The natural dietary supplement, designed to be taken every day, basically improves how the corpus luteum functions and therefore helps the body create and secrete progesterone.

And because progesterone is a critical hormone in the conception process, it’s thought to be a very effective natural remedy.

Researchers at Stanford University published a recent study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine that found out of 93 women who were having trouble conceiving, 26 percent of those taking FertilityBlend, a natural supplement containing Vitex, became pregnant within three months.

When compared to the 10 percent of those who became pregnant while taking a placebo, the results are very promising. Of course, squeezing in some unpressured romantic time wouldn’t harm your odds either.

Researchers also concluded that Vitex worked best for women with irregular cycles and therefore wasn’t an effective remedy for those plagued by other fertility problems like blocked fallopian tubes or the beginning stages of menopause.

So, yes, it appears Vitex can help you to become pregnant, but only under certain conditions and circumstances.

By: Trevor Price
Contributing Author

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  1. I have irregular cycles , sometimes im regular like 35days apart and other times i skip a month but i have never gone longer than 2 months without a period. my husband and i are ttc and its very difficult to figure out when i ovulating if my period varies so much and opks can get expensive. my sister told me about chasteberry (vitex) is suppose to help regulate your period and help u ovulate. so i went out and bought some from the vitiamin shoppe and they said to only take them for 2 weeks cd1-cd14 and stop. until next period starts because it could cause a miscarriage if its in your system when you become pregnant. so i did but how is it gonna help me regulate my cycle and help me ovulate if i only take it for 2 weeks a month?? is this true or can i take it the entire month and stop taking it when i get a + hpt? will it cause me to miscarry ? pls someone help!! has anyone ever taken this and has a successful pregnancy? and how did u take it? i have the 500 mg capsuls. thanks in advance!!

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