Diet Reviews: Choose The Best Weight Loss Diet For You

Four letter words have a bad rep in our culture and the four-letter-word "diet" is one of the most horrid. So if we're going to undertake this Herculean feat, then at least we want it to be as painless as possible and we want the best results we can possibly get. Hence, these diet reviews that will help anyone decide on the very best plan – for them. You might wonder, "What is the best weight loss diet?" but this question is flawed. Each body is different and our thoughts and emotions are very different so what works for you might be a disaster for me, and vice versa.

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Diet Plans That Work 

When you think about a diet (die-t) do you feel positive or negative? I'm certain that I already know the answer because if you're reading this, you're almost certain to have failed at a diet many times in the past. For most of us (all of us?):

Diets = S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E

We don't WANT to go on a diet. We just think we 'should' for either reasons of beauty or health. There is certainly no joy when contemplating a diet. Bottom line: we don't want the diet – we just want the results

As soon as you believe you are on a diet you start thinking about someday getting off it – which usually means that the weight comes right back.


What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet For ME?

Since dieting isn't a happy experience for most of us, then it's critically important to choose the best weight loss diet for YOU, not for me. For instance, I don't like meat and so I don't eat meat. Ever. I noticed that when I ate meat, I didn't feel well.

Here's how to know if what you're eating is the best weight loss diet for you … eat your food and set a timer for 45-60 minutes. At that time, notice how your body feels.

Do you feel light and easy?
Do you notice any distress in your body (gas? distended stomach, etc.)
How is your mood?

If the answers you get aren't good, then change what you're doing. Forget "should". If your body isn't happy, then what you're doing isn't right for you.

These diet reviews are written specifically to help you find what will work for you. Some of us crave fast weight loss plans, while others prefer high protein, low carb plans and others – like me – want high carb plans with lots of plant protein. Bottom line: if you're miserable, you won't stick with a diet even if it wins an award for The Best Diet Plan On Planet Earth!


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  1. Hi Sydney,

    Your advice about assessing your physical state and mood 45 minutes after a meal is excellent; even for people who aren’t dieting. I’ve reduced the cholesterol in my diet (doctor’s orders) and found that a byproduct of this dietary change is feeling more focused and comfortable.

    “Forget should…”

    Should is a word that ought to be used sparingly in many situations. We beat ourselves up with self-talk like: “I should be thinner,” or “I should be more successful”. The psychologist Albert Ellis called this propensity “The Tyranny Of The Shoulds”.

    I look forward to learning more dietary advice from your blog.

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Moses Jones says:

    I love what you have to say. A lot of people have focused on the wrong reasons and the wrong methods for getting healthier. One thing that I have realized is that it is not necessarily what you are eating, but more of what you aren’t eating, especially in America. A lot of the American diet consists of empty calories and many of us are not getting the nutrients that we need. This at least contributes to if not causes many cases of physical and mental problems like obesity, depression, vulnerability to illnesses and much more for the average person (I am by no means saying it is like that for all cases). Assessing your state of being around 45 minutes after a meal is a very helpful piece of advice too.

  3. Diet control helps us to maintain good health. so everyone try to maintain the diet reviews

  4. Virendersehwag says:

    Your advice about assessing your physical state and mood 45 minutes after a meal is excellent; even for people who aren’t dieting. I’ve reduced the cholesterol in my diet (doctor’s orders) and found that a byproduct of this dietary change is feeling more focused and comfortable.

  5. I’ve been very surprised by following this advice. Some of my favorite foods – the ones I want to eat every day – don’t contribute to my well being. Meaning, I don’t feel all that great 45 minutes – two hours later. I must admit that I haven’t always followed up on that observation because I might still keep eating the food just because I enjoy it so much. But when I notice that several times, it makes a difference. Some food that I thought I really adored have fallen away.

  6. @VinceSmithMusic says:

    The word diet should be taken out of the English language for starters. I agree about using the way you feel after to determine whether or not food is good for you, it makes total sense… I just wish Hershey bars made me feel great lol

    • I agree 100%! After all the word is ‘die-t’ and that’s what lots of diets feel like is ‘dying’ and, in a way, they are. Dying to foods we really like. I wish pizza were a weight loss food. :-)

  7. Alicante says:

    It is so important to realize that the same diet won’t work for everyone. Differences in our metabolisms, lifestyles and preferences can make or break a dieting plan. Some things, though, like assessing how particular foods affect you, are good advice for everyone. It’s important to keep track of how food makes you feel so you can find an effective diet that works but doesn’t leave you feeling miserable. Thanks for the great advice!

    • Alicante, you’re so right! I know that lots of folks have great success with a high protein diet but it isn’t right for me so I am living proof that we have different requirements and needs. Tracking how our foods make us feel, though, works for everyone. Oddly enough, often the foods that we like the most are the ones that are the worst for us. How unfair is that? :-)

    • You’re so right that ‘one size fits all’ simply isn’t true. My daughter loves meat, for instance, and I’m a vegetarian and dislike it. Who’s “right”? Neither of us.

  8. Marshall Rarfield says:

    This is an interesting approach at diet. Most diets just give you a one-size-fits-all pill or diet plan. This plan actually has you diagnose your own diet needs so it is personalized to you. I feel that this is a very good diet approach, but it takes much work. The thing that has always worked for me has just been exercise every day, that way you can eat basically all that you want.

    • Marshall, if exercise is enough for you to stay in great shape, and you enjoy doing it (or, at least, you’re willing) then stick with what works. Everybody’s answers are different.

  9. As soon as we ‘have to’ eat according to someone else’s plan, most of us feel the prison doors slam shut. That a huge reason for diet ‘failure’. Good for you for being willing to exercise.

  10. Very Cool! I never took this approach to dieting. All these recent fad diets are all looking to similar. Not to mention, the zone diet and south beach are credible and researched diets, but you have to buy into it. I like this because your in control! In control to a better life!

  11. I like the way you said that each person is different and our thoughts and emotions are very different. It is true that the best way to be able to gain the body you wanted is to focus on your goal; your goal yourself, other than what others are already achieving. Everything is highly individualized, so to be able to achieve the best assessing one’s self is by far the most important.

  12. surveysprofit says:

    A healthy diet is always important. Without a healthy diet, even if we maximize our workout routine, it will still be useless and unfruitful. There must always be a correct balance for a diet and workout. Great article!

    • “Balance: is the key word. Deprivation doesn’t work long term – but neither does overindulgence. It’s hard to eat in a healthy manner these days because of all the processing and chemicals – but it can be done.

  13. dirtymoose says:

    I hate the word diet and the images the word conjures up. I prefer the term healthy eating plan. This is a very interesing and well written article and gives plenty of food for thought (pardon the pun)

  14. Great tip about waiting 45 mins or so after eating to review how your body is responding to what you just consumed. I’ve tried a number of things to lose a few poiunds and have also found that eating small meals more often and drinking lots of water are key. I will also make a concious effort to add your 45-min review into my daily routine. Thanks again

    • You are so right about smaller meals and lots of water. Besides, that stuffed, bloated feeling is miserable, isn’t it. “Oops, I ate too much again”. Awful.

  15. This is very interesting! I never heard such a nice article on diet…… It is nice to know how our body is responding……before i tried lots of thing to reduce weight…i did jogging dieting also…….ur article is grear and awesome for me….happy to read more from your post…..

  16. mmcdan15 says:

    Wow! Thank you for organizing all of this information on one page! I am always trying to compare different diets in hopes of finding one that is right for me, and this site makes it so simple. Diets are hard enough to follow, but this makes the decision a lot easier!

  17. coolsoup12 says:

    This is a great article with a lot of interesting information. I really enjoyed the weight loss tips. I couldn’t agree more about the fact that diets need to be tailored to the individual.

  18. coolsoup12 says:

    Interesting perspective on weight loss . I really enjoyed the article. I definitely agree that the diet needs to be tailored to the individual.

  19. These reviews are amazingly useful – thank you! Finding a healthy eating plan that works is really difficult and frustrating, but having all this information collected together should help a lot of people to make that choice. I hadn’t actually heard of many of these diets and although I’m happy with my plan at the moment, I’m keen to see if I can pick up any tips from the others.

  20. @samanthatrieve says:

    This explains everything people dieting need to know. Because not everybody’s diet works for them an I love how it tells you to wait forty five minutes to see how you feel. People do ongoing diet’s that are not necessarily working for them an this gives them the courage they need to find out what works for them. Great article.

    • Waiting for a bit, and then noticing how we feel, has helped me a lot. Some of the foods that I really love don’t necessarily make me feel that great. Just knowing that helps me to give them up.

  21. Thank you! I finally understand diets. With all this information, I made a healthy eating plan for myself, and intend to follow it.

  22. The advice in your post is very helpful. I am going to try them out and see how it goes. I don’t like diets because I always feel hungry when I am on a diet. I feel like your ideas will make me feel different. Thank you.

    • Nobody likes to be hungry, but some diets allow us to eat a lot more food than others. A diet that keeps us hungry is almost certain to fail.

  23. I’ve never even heard of some of these diets. They all sound very interesting. I might have to research these more,I would essentially like to eat healthier. I’m an active person but all of the fast food I eat is not good for my body.

  24. Morganna says:

    I don’t know about some of these diets, though I do agree that one size doesn’t fit all. It all comes down with what you are willing to live with since it is a life style change.

    What has always worked for me my whole life, is calorie counting, forget the carbs and fat and other stuff. Getting a good food scale, eating 3,500 less calories a week to = 1 pound loss a week when I started to gain again. With this I get to eat what I want, as long as I don’t go over the calories per day I set for myself. This also varies from person to person depending on age, height and current weight.

    • It’s great when anyone talks about a method that works. If calorie counting is a success for you, then great. Stick with it. Thanks for the helpful comments.

  25. I have never personally tried any diets myself but I know some of them work. I read the “diets for idiots” and I learned some new things I didn’t know before. Might start and get in a diet soon.

    • Never been on a diet? You truly are a unique person! ;-)

      Seriously, it’s great that you’re not overweight since the vast majority of adults need to drop a few (or many) pounds so that we’ll be healthier.

  26. noosrath says:

    This is very nice article on diet. I really liked the weight loss tips. Now I can make a healthy eating plan for myself. The post is very helpful. Thank you!


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