The Swine Flu Disease Doesn’t Exist!

Dr. Robert Young, author of the pH Balance Diet, says the swine flu disease doesn’t exist. He’s been saying that for quite a long time, actually. Below you will find an article written by him that is very thought-provoking.

The following is an email exchange between Matt Schweder and Dr. Robert O. Young concerning the so-called Swine Flu Virus and whether or not it is the cause of the so-called Swine Flu.

1) The Swine Flu virus does not exist

2) The Swine Flu is NOT contagious

3) The Swine Flu virus does not cause flu symptoms

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Subject: RE: Keeping Yourself Healthy During a So-Called Flu Pandemic

I believe and love these emails and the pH information….but if flu has nothing to do with germs, how come it can be passed from person to person? I have been trying to ask this question for months and no one will ever answer me. Please.

I’m doing battle with my local newspaper and our county schools superintendent and trying to share information with other people and this is the one question that I get that I can’t answer.


Matt Schweder
Lexington, KY


Dear Matt:

Most people on this planet are living an acidic lifestyle and eating the same acidic foods and are therefore subject to the same acidic detox symptoms. The flu is the body’s way of eliminating excess acid from the blood and tissues through the orifaces of the body caused by acidic lifestyle and dietary choice – not from germs! Germs are the effect of cellular transformation or degeneration not the cause!

If you go to a party and everyone is drinking alcohol excessively the majority of those drinking this acidic beverage will get drunk , will get sick to their stomach, have flu-like symptoms and will have a hang-over the next morning. Same symptoms from the same cause! The contagion was the acidic choice of drinking alcohol – a dietary choice – not a germ.

The same thing applies to flu symptoms. The flu symptom is the body removing excess metabolic and/or dietary acidity from the blood and tissues from over-ingesting too much meat, alcohol, sugar, bread, grains, high sugar fruit, acidic condiments, etc. during a season of time called the "Holiday Season" or "I eat and drink too much acidic crap dis-ease Season."

People across the world are eating and drinking the same acidic food and living a similar acidic lifestyle and experiencing the same acidic detox symptoms, medical science calls the flu. This then gives people the illusion that there is a pandemic or that there is some so-called germthat is contagious causing this so-called flu. The theory that germs cause dis-ease or so-called disease is a scientific fraud! There is NO SWINE FLU VIRUS that is causing people to get sick. It is fear that is contagious! It is anger! It is regret! It is pride! It is acidic food! It is acidic drink! It is acidic drugs including antidepressants to birth control pills, to antibiotics, and now to toxic poisonous flu shot vaccines. It is the lack of pure clean alkaline water. It is the lack of exercise! It is the lack of oxygen. It is the lack of non-processed salt. It is the lack of healthy oils. It is the lack of chlorophyll from green foods and drinks. It is the lack of an alkaline lifestyle and diet. These are the viruses that are contagious that are the TRUE cause of excess acidity in the body that make us sick, tired, under-weight and over-weight that caused the body to purify itself with a flu. NOT SOME Phantom Flu Virus created by Big Pharma and Big Government for BIG Money!

Once again viruses or germs DO NOT KILL but acidic lifestyle and dietary choice will KILL! The flu is the body’s natural defense remove excess acidity to save your life from acidic choice!

Keep in mind Matt that healthy alkaline bodies Do Not have flu symptoms because they DO NOT need to detox their body’s from excess acid from ingesting alcohol, bread, beef, chicken, fish, sugar, grains, vinegar,
high sugar fruit, stress, etc. or from doing acidic emotions like fear and anger.

There is a saying that All roads lead to Rome, Italy. Eat and live an acidic lifestyle and diet and you will find yourself on the road to Rome with detox flu symptoms trying to save your sorry acidic ass. No GERM here
Matt – just people who make poor ass lifestyle and dietary choices choking on their own acidic waste!

If I sound passionate here – I am. I am trying to wake people up from their acidic stupor or mind blindness. The majority of people living on this planet are intoxicated or drunk from their acidic lifestyles and diets. WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE UP WORLD! YOU ARE ASLEEP AND DO NOT KNOW IT!

Save your life and say NO to the Swing Flu vaccine SHOT. Say NO TO TOXIC ACIDIC DRUGS and BIG Pharma and BIG Government! SAY NO TO A TOXIC ACIDIC LIFE! WAKE UP! It only takes one shot to kill and it already has!

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